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Sep 25, 2006 08:30 PM

angst & reservations: help me pick a spot for this Sat nite

Help me out, please. Headed to NYC this weekend (from New Orleans) and I'm stumped for a great dinner on Sat. nite. At this late date, pretty much limited to what's on, and I've made & cancelled several reservations already. I'm looking for great food, comfortable atmosphere, don't really care about wine for this meal, have access to great seafood at home.

So, where would YOU eat this Saturday night? 374 restaurants with space for two at

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  1. Please, please, please, more information other than the opentable url! That is almost rude to post that.

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    1. re: chow_gal

      I certainly didn't intend to be rude, just that listing the 374 places didn't seem practical to me. FYI, I've spent years responding to tourists' posts on the NOLA chowhound board, so I do understand how frustrating it can be to give rec's on little/no information.

      To make my original post more precise: I have a res at Devi, but I am also considering Artisanal, L'Impero, Bouley, Db Bistro...heck, I'm really open to anything. Price isn't an issue, looking for a nice-to-upscale atmosphere (yet not ridiculously pretentious).

      1. re: Hungry Celeste

        If you love wine, Cru could be a good bet. I also just had a wonderful sort of "build your own" meal of small plates at the Modern Bar Room. The place was hopping at 10:00 on a weeknight. I would imagine a weekend would be even more interesting.

        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          I've read your postings on the NOLA board, and you do a great job (I was supposed to go to New Orleans last February). I would recommend Bouley, Danube (sister restaurant to Bouley), Aureole, Wallse, Eleven Madison Park. Keep up the good work on the NOLA board (when I reschedule my trip, I'll look forward to your postings).

      2. And only about 40 restaurants with no availability, which means you can go almost anywhere (and restaurants don't put all their tables on Open Table anyway).

        Given that, I think some clue as to taste, budget and location might get you some focussed responses.

        1. What about Wallse - great Austrian food with a twist, and v. interesing Austrian wine list?

          1. Of the places you list, I've been to all except L'Impero and I think Devi is a great choice. Bouley gets great reviews on this board, but I was underwhelmed.

            1. Thanks for all the responses; I settled on Devi after all. I'll be sure to post a report when I return.