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Sep 25, 2006 08:16 PM

sticky rice with mango?

just had this for the first time at a so-so thai restaurant and LOVED it! SO, where can i go to get really yummy thai food and finish off with the BEST sticky rice with mango? thanks for your help!

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  1. tuk tuk thai near pico/robertson area used to have it as a special dessert, it was good and so is their food.

    Tuk Tuk Thai Restaurant
    (310) 860-1872

    1. IMHO, the best mango with sticky rice can be had at the Wat Thai Temple in North Hollywood. The mangos are always perfectly ripe.

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      1. re: monkey

        Yup. No question about it. Weekends, 11 AM to 3 PM. $3 will get you a pint of sticky rice, a whole mango and a little cup (maybe 50 mL) of coconut cream. $5 gets you double.

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          Absolutely! Wat Thai Temple has the best mango with sticky rice. Go to the booth with the longest line.

        2. Chandra in Pasadena has a very good version. The mango is so succulent and delicious. Great, now I am craving some!! ;-)

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            Agreed! Although, I'm beginning to see more of a better deal with Wat Thai (atmosphere + price)

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              i agree with chandra and wat thai. i'll add saladang.

          2. If you want the sticky rice with mango (kao nieow mamuang) and it is not the weekend - and so the Wat is not an option - and you don't want to eat it at a restaurant, then the best option is Bhan Kanom Thai in Hollywood. This is the Thai snack shop in the same strip mall as Ruen Pair and the former home of Palms. The mango won't be as fresh since it is pre-cut, but the sticky rice and the sweet coconut milk are quite good. As a bonus, you can also pick up a package of the green mango slices with a sticky sauce - completely delish, but don't eat too much at one sitting or your stomach will regret it. Both mango options are around $5 IIRC.

            Bhan Kanom Thai
            5721 Hollywood

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              There is also a Bhan Kanom Thai next to Swan Thai at Bellaire and Sherman Way in North Hollywood, in the little "Thai district".

              They have very good kanom krok and excellent sweet black rice.

            2. If you are on the westside, Saimese Garden on Washington in Venice has excellent Thai food and Mango sticky rice.