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Sep 25, 2006 07:49 PM

Latest on the best in Tucson?

We will be there this weekend visiting friends and would love to know if there's anything relatively new on the radar for mid-range to upscale dining. As examples, we've loved Cafe Poca Cosa, Wildflower, the place at Hacienda del Sol, and Vivace, and didn't love so much the Gold Room.

I know about Janos, but any others?

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  1. Primo (in the StarrPass Marriott resort)
    Montana Ave (on Grant, pass Costco's)
    NoRTH (food is hit-and-miss, but nice atmostphere)
    Check out the old posts on this board.
    I do not recommend Terra Cotta, McMahon's, nor Acacia.

    1. I would add "The Dish" on Speedway to your list of bests. It's small, quiet and is all about the food.....ok, the wine too. Make an advance reservation!

      Just behind 'the best' are: Barrio, Central Bisto and Pastiche

      Personally, if you are looking for the best spots I'd avoid Wildflower, North, Bistro Zin and Montana Ave. They are all part of an Arizona chain and lack the creativity of standalone eateries. They are good, but not great.

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        We were disappointed by Primo. It does have a nice view but the restaurant seemed like another overrated hotel dining room.

      2. Montana Ave. today was sorely disappointing. We ordered four appies, three entrees, and out of all seven, the only thing I would order again would be the beet salad. Nothing was hot (temperature) that should have been except the chicken enchiladas. The shrimp bisque had good flavor but was tepid. The macaroni and cheese we had to send back, the cheese on top wasn't even melted, and I could pick up the cast iron pot it came in and hold the entire thing in my hand due to lack of heat, and the skirt steak served fajita style was beyond well done and cold. All this after we had told them the bisque was tepid, and they still sent out lukewarm food.

        They took the three entrees off our bill, but I don't think I'll be returning any time soon.