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Sep 25, 2006 07:46 PM

San Diego macarons or other such tasty treats?

I just ordered some goodies from the Bay Bread Boulangerie - macarons, canneles, madeleines, financiers - and they were shipped quickly and were VERY YUMMY. The treats themselves weren't too expensive (to me, at least) and shipping was not horrendous and quite quick considering they only ship two days a week. But now the cookies are all gone and I'm wondering if San Diego has a Bay Bread equivalent with good cookies and baked goods - specifically macarons and canneles. With all the other incarnations of foods and restaurants and mimicry, surely we have one of these beauties, too?

If not, I'm going to have to master the art of French baking and just make my own at home.

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  1. It's been a while, but when I lived in SD the best macaroons were from a sandwich establishment in Little Italy (it's Italian, a couple doors down from Filippi's, but I am drawing a blank on the name.)

    For me, a macaroon should be moist, not huge, and absolutely no chcocolate!

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      Mimmo's Italian Village?

      Or Cafe Zucchero?

      Both make some tasty macaroons.

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        I'm looking for a French macaron, not the coconut macaroons. I have a good recipe for those and they come out just as I like them, which is a little more moist than most bakery macaroons.

        But still, it's not a French macaron, which is made with almond flour. I just can't seem to bake them correctly!

      2. It was Mimmo's that I was thinking of. (Because Cafe Zuccharo was even there yet when I used to go. :) )

        1. Just Fabulous in Kensington makes a nice macaroon. Twiggs Coffe House makes a very large, square macaroon-style cookie that is wonderful if not traditional. It's not quite as moist as a typical macaroon.

          1. best I've tried are from a little bakery in Chula Vista called Eduard, a Taste of Europe. Dense, moist, bursting with flavor. We sold them over the holidays last year at our shop, and they flew out the door. Eduard was Cordon Bleu trained in Paris. No longer runs the shop, but his protege, Edwin, carries on his work. The biscotti are also great, madeleines just fair, can't speak for the rest of his goods.

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              Thanks for the tip! We may be in Chula Vista this weekend, so maybe I'll get a chance to try them out.

            2. I had some great ones at a place in La Jolla called Cafe Neo. Used to be the French Pastry Shop, and has the same pastry chef.