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Sep 25, 2006 07:27 PM

Lexington, KY Next week

Going to Lexington next week and looking for Dinner Rec's for two nights(got the first night covered)
in 1) Downtown 2. Scenic Drive By the river or not
Heard about Halls on the River
Holly hill Inn?
In Downtown - looking for moderate price not too fancy

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  1. see my reply to "SD"-something a couple of days ago below. Hall's menu looks pretty horrific, but I've never been there, nor has anyone I know.
    Holly Hill Inn is outstanding.
    there's nothing good downtown except some wondeful supercasual south Indian place called Banana Leaf and Korean food a few doors down. those places are truly the best things to happen to downtown, except for the tuna sandwiches (but not much else) at ALfalfa's on Main. have fun! check out the other post below.

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      Holly Inn sounds good for one night. There must be decent palces to eat Downtown- Anabelles?

    2. No, that place is overpriced and mediocre. Jonathan's at Gratz Park (the Inn) is wonderful, especially the trout if they have it. I'd go there instead of anything else $$$ downtown, it's also downtown. Dudley's is ok but not memorable.

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        OK if not downtown where else in lexington and come on there must be decent food with in Downtown. We are a group of 4 From SF Bay area who are attending a conferance at Hospice of the Bluegrass
        We are from Hospice of Marin. I heard that the downtown area of Lexington is really nice. So what do you suggest . We will go to Holly hill inn one night. We are staying at the Hilton at Lexington Green . The first night (since we arrive at 7:30 PM )will eat at Regatta SEafood . Would love another Rec . Thursday night will be SPLURGE NIGHT at Holly Hill.

      2. there's a bookstore next to your hotel which is excellent. And it's open late, like 11pm. But I hesitate to tell you that Regatta is not great. I have a student who works there and she told me that they lie about how fresh the fish is. It's kind of like a more expensive TGIFriday's.

        Don't get me wrong, I want to like the food here, and some of it is fantastic, but a lot of it is mediocre. I eat out a lot because of my job, and because I don't cook.

        Especially if you're from the Bay area--I go there to eat!

        Anyhow, downtown if you're looking for low prices, I'd suggest Billy's BBQ. Also the Japanese food here is beyond good, it's outstanding (again, in SF you probably have better, but still) because of a nearby Toyota plant. Find and eat at the wonderful Sugano, which is in a sketchy strip mall but is so good and the prices are ridiculously low. Or Tomo, which is near Billy's. Downtown has bad overpriced food. Really. I have a lot of friends who think too so and we're not snobs or anything. It's pretty, especially the farmer's market and the outside of the Victorian Sq. shops.

        1. I really appreciate your honesty- But I think we , do to the time frame and the late hour near our hotel, we will do Regatta.
          Thursday will be Holly Hill Inn. So Wendesday Downtown - Some people on Trip Advisor highly reccomend Bistro 147 on n. limestone? so what do you think??? or

          1. Honestly, it's not as if eating downtown will be a very memorable experience. it's nicer just to walk around there during the daytime.
            I have eaten at Bistro 147 with my husband and it's terrible. I'm not exaggerating, I just can't imagine why anyone would say it's good. I had pasta that was goopy and undercooked chicken. There's never anybody in there either.
            Jonathan's at Gratz Park is just lovely and it's on a Square a block or two from Main St. that's the most architecturally rich in the whole city. I'd go there for dessert then if you are still hungry (we've done that and they don't mind), just to look around. But dinner downtown? Honestly there is nothing. I live there, hate to drive (am from Cambridge) and I don't eat there. Even the Thai place isn't good, and we really want to go there more often (that said, there is a Thai place near your hotel, take Nicholasville Rd towards town and look on the left, called Planet Thai which is quite good). What I'd do is see downtown and then drive a mile to Billy's BBQ. It's cheap, fun, local favorite, and has lots of options. There's a good sandwich place, Alfalfa's, right on Main St. (and tuna sandwiches just as good in the cafe in the library across the street, but it's only open for lunch), but that's the extent of my downtown eating. There's a fun offbeat place run by a Russian woman and with a bunch of middle eastern options, called Natasha's (the menu's online), nice people, good lunch buffet, and real Turkish coffee, but the food's not special. It is competent though it costs much more at dinner than Billy's which is laughably cheap (like a full dinner for $6). I go there to support downtown businesses but that's the only reason!