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Sep 25, 2006 07:17 PM

NYC for Thanksgiving

I'm headed to NYC for the Thanksgiving weekend and am trying to decide on a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner (not necessarily Turkey dinner). I want to go somewhere fabulous and will be having a party of 6. Probably looking to spend $100 per person max including wine/drinks. I welcome any suggestions you might have.

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  1. You should try Aureole (menu already posted at charliepalmer.com), Bouley or Danube. I'm going to Danube again this year. All of the restaurants have turkey as a choice for the main course, but there are other selections as well.

    1. It's still a little early to know exactly which restaurants will be open on Thanksgiving and what they will be offering. Also, it makes a difference whether you are talking Thanksgiving Eve or Day since some places are closed on Thanksgiving Day (for example, all of Danny Meyer's restaurants). OpenTable will eventually have a list.