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Sep 25, 2006 07:16 PM

Happy Hour McCormick & Schmick's -- Beverly Hills -- Ever Been?

Hello all:

Can anyone tell me if the happy hour at McCormick in Bev Hills is the same as the one in downtown LA? I used to work in downtown and frequented McC quite often for their happy hour. The drinks were regular price but the appetizers were discounted.

Wanted a place to meet with friends after work and found there was a branch in Bev Hills.


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  1. I have been to the one in Beverly Hills. I believe it is the same as elsewhere. (You can actually check the website for the happy hour menu, or you used to be able to.) I find it a little crowded, though it is a good place to grab a cheap cheeseburger that it pretty good.

    1. yep, they are the same. i used to go to the M&S in downtown but when i relocated to the westside, i have been popping into the later happy hour at the BH location every so often.

      the $2 burger and fries are a phenomenal deal!

      1. I went to the one in Irvine years ago, and we ordered 3 of all their selections and made it like an Americanized tapas party...good cheap eats in a mellow setting.

        1. I really like the one in BH, The patio is pleasant and not loud at all...

          That burger is a steal... They might even cook it to order for you if you ask nicely! :)