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Sep 25, 2006 07:14 PM

Best white truffle oil?

Anyone know or can make a recommendation?

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  1. I was happy with Trader Joe's, not as strong as some but so cheap that it didn't matter. But I haven't seen it there lately.

    The only other one I've been really happy with is Urbani. It's quite intense, unless you use it all the time I'd get the 1.8oz bottle.

    1. I recently picked this up on a trip to London:


      1. Am blown away by this one: La Madia Regale, which I bought recently in Vancouver, CA.

        1. I have been happy with the white truffle oil from Whole Foods although I am about to try the TO from King of Mushrooms in Daily City, CA. The brand is Terra diFiori. I will update. Happy shrooming.

          1. Oh I love the stuff! The best I've ever had I found at a farmer's market in Florida but you can order it online at
            It used to be about 26-bucks a bottle but it's a big one, and I had to stop buying it. It was so good that I would get a loaf of bread and just pour!