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Sep 25, 2006 07:03 PM

Question on Palena

We are off to our first visit to Palena early in October. I love to look at a menu prior to the meal just to get the salivary glands active. The only menu on their website is a 2003 listing. Anyone have access to an up-to-date menu?

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  1. The best part about Palena IMO is that the menu changes daily. Whatever is fresh and in season will be on the menu. But anything that has the words "house-made" or "house-cured" in the description, be sure to get. It will be a real treat. Enjoy your trip! It is my favorite restaurant.

    1. I loved Palena. Perhaps they can fax you the new menu. Otherwise, you can try to check out Menupages:

      1. Thanks for the tips. I did try menupages earlier with no luck, so guess that I will just wait and be surprised. Will certainly report back as to what we ordered and how it went.