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Sep 25, 2006 06:56 PM

Looking for Tasty Modern British Restaurant in London

Going to be in London on business. I have just one night -- Friday -- that I can meet up with a friend for an excellent meal. Happy to pay good money for great, inventive food. I don't need a celebrity chef or luxury, posh environs, just want to eat at what would be my favorite restaurant if I lived in London. Could do French or Italian too, but curious to eat someplace doing great modern British cuisine. My favorite places in New York tend to source great, fresh ingredients and prepare them expertly, somewhat simply, but inventively. Open to anything and anyplace that is accessible from the Tube. Thanks for your help!

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  1. In case anyone is curious, we wound up going to Origin at The Hospital in Covent Garden.

    We started with wild mushrooms & gnocchi and also a lobster & avocado salad. Both were great. The mushrooms were good quality and savory. The gnocchi were light and flavorful and seemed almost grilled. There was just the right amount of parmesan. The lobster was cooked not even a moment too long and tasted fresh and lobstery.

    For our mains we had fish -- a turbot and a mullet. Both were excellent quality, prepared expertly and simply. Crispy outside, almost buttery inside.

    We finished with good cheeses and a very nice chocolate souffle.

    I'd highly recommend Origin to anyone looking for fresh quality ingredients and unfussy, expert preparation of top-notch meals. Staff were really kind and attentive. Room was buzzing but not noisy.

    A really delightful meal.

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      Thanks for the report... bookmarked.

    2. How about Clarkes in Kensington? Sally Clarke's Alice Waters inspired restaurant only sources the freshest ingredients and used to serve a different menu twice a day, but this has recently changed to a regular menu.


      1. Thanks for the tip. Sounds great. Back in New York now but will check out Clarkes on my next trip.