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Sep 25, 2006 06:30 PM

What ever happened to Brick Pig BBQ?

On Shattuck in Oakland... Is it open yet? Does anyone know when it will be?

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  1. It's actually called The Brick Pig's House. Their Web site says they were to have an inspection last Wednesday.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      That's good to hear I drove by about a week ago and it was looking very dead and given they said they had to make major repairs I wasn't expecting anything this quick. Nice that they are giving updates on the website. You would think Ici could have done that.

    2. Saw the door open so I looked in--they asked if I was the health inspector. Said if he gives the OK they'll be open Monday. Hours will be noon to 8pm Monday through Saturday.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        They must have passed, sign in the window today says grand opening 11/27.

      2. Open. Ribs pretty good with good bbq taste, though I would ask for sauce on the side (sauce isn't cooked on). Potato salad a little on the "mashed potato" side. Cole slaw quite tasty if a little sweet but definitely homemade. They were out of peach cobbler so got blackberry. VERY (as in too) sweet with a cookie-ish crust I didn't like. But then I like cobbler the way my mother made it, with a slightly sweet biscuit topping at least 1" high.

        Place exceedingly pleasant with very nice people. Clean. As in less bbq atmosphere than Flynts and that's a good thing.

        In my preference I'd still rank Looney's tops (though maybe I liked these ribs as much and they are a different style), then Brick Pig, then Flynt's, then KC. Hate Everett and Jones.

        Give them a try!

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        1. re: lintygmom

          I'm with you on everything. The brisket is pretty good too. Interesting about the blackberry cobbler. I wasn't crazy about the peach because it had a little clove in it. Thought the macaroni salad was better than the potato. They were out of cole slaw on the day I stopped by. Pretty good brisket.

          What did you think of the rolls?

          1. re: rworange

            It was yummy with the sauce, better than the traditional Wonderbread. But too much sauce. We got six ribs and two two-oz sides cole slaw and potato salad. Husband and I ate and have about two ribs left over.

            I'd stil like to find a good sauce-cooked-on rib other than Flynt's. It's too hard to get into sometimes. Wish Looney's would make a choice of rib: dry rub or open-pit cooked on. But bet that would be impossible in Berkeley because of smoke and odor.

            I think Looney's is the best deal because the sides are so nice, if not the best ever: mac and cheese traditional with an extra spice kick (not like T-Rex's horrible-to-me shells swimming in cream), mashed sweets, garlic mashed without being overwhelmingly garlicky so you can tell they're real potatoes, good greens. So I feel as if I'm getting a meal rather than an eat on the run bad for you rib snack that fills you up so much it ruins a meal.

            The guy at Brick Pig was a real sweetheart.

            Maybe I'll make some cobbler (peach) and email it to you. I don't much like clove either.

        2. Finally got around to trying this. They close at 8 and we tend to think of BBQ after 9.

          Ribs had a nice dry rub, meat was moist and still a little chewy (not too much). Not even a hint of smoke. Seemed like home-made ribs cooked on the grill than traditional BBQ. Serving was smaller than I'd expect for a full slab but the price is lower than most places ($20.45).

          Didn't try the brisket as my friend who picked it up thought it looked dry.

          Sauce was sweet, so were the beans.

          1. I misread the thread title and transposed the first letters of the restaurant name, and thought "this place will never do well".

            Then I took the time to read it properly.

            [emily lutella]Never mind![/emily lutella]

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            1. re: teela brown

              I hope these guys can hang in there and do well...good sauce, good meat, and very nice service.

              As for the misread thread title, well, that would have been a great name but not as good as this one...

              1. re: Agent 510

                You liked the sauce? Way too sweet for me.