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Sep 25, 2006 06:02 PM

Best selection of cookie cutters in Kansas City?

You wouldn't think this would be a difficult thing to find... really, you wouldn't! But, I've been to several stores, looking for cookie cutters of different varieties, with little to no success. Le Gourmet Chef (at Oakpark Mall) used to have a TON of cookie cutters, but now only have a few sets. I've looked at the usual suspects: Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Linens and Things, Dean and Deluca, Williams Sonoma, Target, etc. I've been to Pryde's, though not in a while, but I don't really remember a lot of cookie cutters but I could be wrong. Does anyone know of a place that has a wide selection of cookie cutters? Maybe Function Junction, but again I've been and don't remember a wide variety? (I know it's a weird request, but if anyone knows, it's the Chowhounds!)

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  1. Have you looked at that little cooking store in Parkville? You have to go through the Christmas store to get to it. I don't know if it would be considered a "wide variety" - or if I've just had exceptional luck - as I have always found the particular shape I've been looking for. It's a good excuse to go to Parkville, anyway. Though I'm still ticked off about Piropos moving.

    1. Check out Pryde's Old Westport.

      1. Pryde's is definitely the place to go. They have a whole wall of cookie cutters in the upper level.

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          I must just not be remembering it right then... I wish they were open a bit later, it's tough to get over there after work!

        2. are you looking for cookie cutters or a specific shape- if you need a special shape...I know Boulevard Bakery (2815 Independence Ave) makes all of their cookie cutters themselves - they'll make any shape you ask for. and the cookies are superb too.

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            That's certainly good to know! A while back I was looking for a scalloped-edge rectangle or square cookie cutter, which I didn't think would be that hard to find. I ended up having to get a scalloped-edge circle. (I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to certain details! Just call me Martha! ;-) Anyway, right now I'm looking for a maple leaf.

          2. As a obsessive suger cookie baker and owner of over 200+ cookie cutters, the place with the largest selection in town is Pryde's. Kmart had a pretty good collection with the Martha's line, but haven't been there in a while since they changed over to Sears

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              Then you would know!! Perhaps you have a maple leaf... ha ha! ;-) Thanks for the info, I'll have to head back to Pryde's!