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Turkey restaurant in New Hampshire

We are driving from Dallas to Boston in October. My wife keeps telling me that we need to take a run to "someplace" in New Hampshire that "famous" for it's Turkey dinners.

Does anybody have any idea of what she might be talking about. She has not been there for 20+ years so her memory is a bit fuzzy :-)

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  1. It must be Hart's Turkey in Meredith NH. It's been famous for years. It's very close to Lake Winnipesaukee. From Boston just continue up Rt 93 and get off at exit 23 (I think!) for Meredith. It will be a gorgeous drive if you come in the next couple of weeks but is pretty most of the year.

    1. I like Hart's Turkey Farm in Meredith as much as the next guy but it's hardly worth making a special 2+ hour trip from Boston just to go there. Of course, if you are going that way for foliage viewing (and you will see some very nice scenery if you do), then by all means do go to Hart's.

      But since you said it's been 20+ years since your wife has been to the "turkey place," it's possible she is thinking of Green Ridge Turkey Farm in Nashua, which would be less than an hour from Boston if it still existed but I'm pretty sure it went out of business some time in the past couple of decades.

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        We used to drive from Maine to Nashua to go to Green Ridge Turkey Farm. It was across the street from Hilltop Steakhouse. The last time we drove down there, which was around 5 - 10 years ago, the Hilltop was closed and Green Ridge was not only closed, but the building was gone. Both were very good for the types of places they were.

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          It's sad when good restaurants close. Unfortunately, that's the nature of the restaurant business... it's surprisingly difficult to stay afloat, even with a good chef and great people working for you. Such was the case with Green Ridge, which was a landmark in Nashua for twenty or so years. The place was known for its hominess, great food (not just turkey, either!), and even its wait staff, some of whom worked there from the time the place opened (there was a list of the long timers in the lobby with the dates that they started). I believe the place went out of business because the land it was on got too expensive (with rising tax assessments) to keep the restaurant afloat. It was located at the intersection of Spit Brook and Daniel Webster Hwy, and a Barnes and Noble book store now stands on the spot where the restaurant once stood.

          The Hilltop Steak House hadn't been there as long as the Turkey Farm. Before it, there was a Brother's Restaurant (I remember the "Playroom Lounge" downstairs accessible from the back). The Hilltop closed its doors in 1999 or so, although the "original" Hilltop still is in business on Rt. 1 in Danvers, MA. The building off Spit Brook was torn down to build an Old Navy store.

          I've been to Hart's a number of times, and it has decent food, although I've seen it overhyped here on the 'hound. You can find it just north of the intersection of Rt. 104 and Rt. 3 in Meredith, NH. If you want Turkey, this place is probably your best bet. You'd take the Rt. 132/Rt. 104 exit off I-93 (about 65 miles north of the Mass border), and follow Rt. 104 to Rt. 3 and then head north about a tenth of a mile.

      2. There was a restaurant listed in the last AAA Guide to New England in Gorham named, I think, Willard's. When we got there, the lady at the information bureau said the owner had closed it down a few months previously. It was supposedly known for its turkey dinners. Perhaps someone else will remember the name and give it an appropriate obituary.

        1. I spend a lot of time in NH, but hadn't been to Hart's in ages, until this past Saturday. It was one of those rainy days where you just wanted to get out for some comfort food. I went with the turkey dinner (of course) and it was delicious. It's nice that they offer the dinner in 3 different sizes (mini; small or complete) so you don't have to deal with oversized portions if you don't want to. The comfortable lounge has gone non-smoking as well. The menu is quite extensive for those who don't care for turkey. I've had the shrimp tempura which is quite good, and sometime in October they begin their all you can eat buffet on Friday nights. Meredith and the surrounding towns are a pretty area to visit and there's also the outlets in Tilton, so I think it's worth the trip.

          1. If I recall correctly, they have Turkey Tempura on the menu too!

            1. Yep the Green Ridge guess was correct. She remember hilltop as well.

              So that being said, what's another good place to go? We will be driving through up on 84 until it intersects with the turnpike and then into Boston.

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                Try Publick House in Sturbridge, Mass. If your wife liked Green Ridge, I bet she will like Publick House. It is at the last exit off 84 before it joins the turnpike.

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                  Bring your pocketbook and an empty belly, they don't skimp!
                  Baked goods are very good.
                  I'd love to see other reviews of the Public House; the atmosphere is really nice but I thought the food had a kind of "relentlessly the same" feel about it... or am I wrong?

              2. Many, many years ago we used to hike into a fishing camp way in the woods in the Upper Richardson Lake Region of Maine. After the long hike out and a cramped change in the car into the proper duds we would always stop at Wilfreds Restaurant in Gorham for a nice turkey dinner. The last time we drove through Gorham I was sad to see it was gone...

                1. Went to Hart's two weeks ago while on vacation after having a few good meals in the past. It was horrible- instant potatos, watery frozen broccoli and the gravy was superbland and served with a skin on it.

                  1. There is a Hart's Turkey Farm in Manchester NH as well, It is an hours drive from Boston on Route 93N, get off on the 293 Split (its after exit 5) and go 293 N, exit 6 and its right off the Exit. Same menu, same owners, and it's just as good. Here is the menu, and the website link.


                    1. Yeah, like others have said, she's describing the Green Ridge Turkey Farm.

                      About five years ago I talked to a waitress who had worked there for almost two decades. Apparently the owner was getting old and surly... apparently 30 years of business was enough.

                      The Green Ridge Turkey Farm was not only a good restaurant, but a well-known landmark ("...just look for the revolving turkey and turn right...") It is now a Barnes and Nobles book store surrounded by other quite unremarkable store and restaurant chains; perhaps a sign of how our country has changed too.