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Sep 25, 2006 05:31 PM

Fruit-juice Sweetened Fudge Sauce?

Yes, indeed!! I was skeptical at first, but when I saw the jar at Wild Oats Market today, and how dark the sauce looked, I had to buy it. It's by Wax Orchards and I bought the "Fudge Fantasy" sauce. It isn't as thick and solid as many fudge sauces, but it is way thicker than standard chocolate syrup/sauce. It is dark and very intensely chocolate, since it doesn't have all the sugar masking the flavor. I am totally impressed. I went to their website and they have some different flavors...different intensities of chocolate, plus peppermint and orange. You can't order directly from them, but they list other websites where online ordering is available.

Oh, it's also fat free, as an added bonus. So....if you're cutting back on sugar for any reason and are having a chocolate craving, this will definitely do the trick.

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  1. Fruit juices contain fructose, aka fruit sugar, the sweetest of sugars.

    1. wax orchards is a great company. they make a product called FRUIT SWEET, which is a mashed up mix of three fruits. its boiled down to thicken it and sold as a sweetener for baked goods. its great. i use it routinely. kind of a pain to order it but...
      yes, the previous poster is right that fructose is still sugar. totally. no denying it at all. HOWEVER, eating fruit sweet, made completely from real fruit, is still a far cry from eating the same amount of white, processed sugar. yes, they will both spike your blood sugar, affect insulin, are not at all 'good' for you, but that is not to say that they are equally poisonous, either. i use fruit sweet as a sweetener for desserts and snacks, etc. these are things we eat not for fuel, but for fun. but, they do not necessarily have to be horrendous for us either.

      1. You left off the best part - these sauces are completely fat free. So yes, you are gttting all the sugar calories, but none of the fat. I have been a big fan of their sauces for about a dozen years, especially the Orange Passion.
        The fruit sweet itself is like a honey - but just concentrated fruit juices.

        1. Sugar is sugar is sugar. The carbon linkages may vary but fructose, lactose,or sucrose sugar is sugar.

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            Not exactly. The carb counts are different for table sugar versus a fruit syrup sweetener. On the Wax Orchards website there is a chart comparing this. 1T of sugar has 15 carbs; 1T of the fruit sweeteners they use have 10.5 carbs. This makes a difference to many who need to count such things.

          2. I count carbs. 15 or 10.5 is still too much for me. But Sugar is sugar.