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Sep 25, 2006 05:14 PM

mango sticky rice?

anyone have an authentic recipe for sticky rice with mango? had it at a thai place for the first time and loved it!

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  1. It's really, really easy.

    Buy sticky rice -- it's available in Asian markets -- and soak a cup of it under water for an hour. Then drain it, wrap it (raw) in cheesecloth, and put it in a steamer over boiling water, covered of course, for 20 minutes. It'll turn translucent.

    Then, peel and cut up a mango, and serve the mango with the sticky rice (which is usually served at room temperature), and a little pitcher of coconut cream (not coconut milk, you want the sweetened stuff intended for cocktails).

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      If I have coconut milk at home, can I just add sugar or something to make it like cocounut cream? And does this really taste as amazing as it does in Thai restaurants?

      1. re: Produce Addict

        I've never tried adding sugar to coconut milk, but it would work best if you added it to the cream -- so let the can sit until the cream rises to the top (just like regular milk out of a cow), then skim off the cream. Then heat and add sugar, then let cool.

        I promise, it's as simple as that -- steamed sticky rice (which is a kind of rice, you won't be able to use regular jasmine rice or whatever), mango pieces, and sweetened coconut cream.

        The hardest part is getting the rice just right.

        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          could you make the sticky rice in a rice cooker?

    2. I'm not sure about using a rice cooker, but I do have some slight variations to Das Ubergeek's recipe. We make our sticky rice in a sticky rice steamer (it's a rounded aluminum pot with a tapered mouth and a funnel-shaped basket that fits inside) lined with a cloth. Here's our recipe:
      2 c. sticky rice
      2 c. coconut milk
      1/2 c. sugar (granulated)
      approx. 1 t salt
      2-3 pandanus leaves (I've never been able to find these)or 4-5 drops of jasmine essence (haven't used this either-- sounds too perfumy for me)
      sliced ripe mangoes

      Rince rice twice then cover with water 2-3 in. above the rice line and soak at least 4 hrs or overnight. Grains will grow in size and will soften-- you'll be able to break them easily between your fingers.

      Drain and steam either in a rice steamer (as described) or in a steamer rack above a pot with about 2 in. of water. Steam for about 20-30 min. Meanwhile, combine the ingredients for the sauce and simmer for about 10 min. Remove the leaves and let them cool. Then squeeze the juice from them and sprinkle over rice. Mix 1/2 of coconut sauce with rice and allow to sit a few minutes. Serve with mango and offer the remaining sauce on the side.

      Let me know if you find the pandanus leaves.I'm curious as to the flavoring the leaves add.

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      1. re: Procrastibaker

        Last week I found fresh pandanus leaves at a local vietnamese supermarket chain (in San Jose, CA), and I've seen frozen leaves at 99 Ranch. The pandan flavor is really nice and there's a recognizable (though subtle) flavor to the rice, a sweet herbal aroma. It's more a scent-flavor than a taste-flavor; what I mean is, as you smell the steaming rice right before it goes in your mouth, you think <insert Homer voice> Mmmm Pandan Leaf...

        To me, it's more worth it to use in steamed white rice, than for sticky rice desserts, maybe because you eat white rice steaming hot but the sticky rice desserts are usually room temperature.

        I've never used drops of jasmine essence, I'm curious about that.

        1. re: Alice Patis

          Thank you Alice. I'll have to make more of an effort to find those leaves! Maybe when I'm visiting the in-laws in Atlanta-- they have a v. good world market. Can't find them where I live. I'll let you know if I ever try the jasmine variation.

      2. Absolutely it will work in a rice cooker. Filipinos do it all the time in various recipes. I like to soak the raw rice overnight in the pot then turn on in the morning.

        1. How long can the rice sit before being served? Any tips on reheating?

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          1. re: rumgum

            Sticky rice as eaten with mango isn't generally very warm... and you can leave it sitting (covered) until you start to see mould growing on it.

          2. I made some tonight. And it was wonderful. I think I could've steamed the rice longer. The kernels were al dente. I couldn't remember if that's how it was at the Thai restaurant I ate it at before. The flavor was amazing though. So simple to do. I didn't bother with cooking the coconut cream or finding the leaves. I mixed in the cream with the hot rice. Now I will sleep in coconut carb heaven. Thank you!