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Chopin Restaurant

Has anyone been here? Its on Roncesvalles.

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  1. I have, they have the best perogies I've ever tasted in my life and that's no small feat.

    Chopin also has an excellent "Polish Plattter for Two" for $30. It includes salads, schnitzels, potato pancakes, cabbage rolls and perogies. It's very filling and a tremendous value.

    1. It's awesome. Best perogies I've ever had- and I grew up eating perogies about once a week.
      I've been meaning to go back.

      Earlier thread:

      1. MMmmm sounds good. I looked at the menu, and you can choose what kind of perogies you get.. What kind did you guys have? Ive only ever had potato and cheese, but on their menu, apparently there are meat ones and I think mushroom. Also, what kind of schnitzel came with the polish platter?

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          The platter comes with plain breaded schnitzels and mixed perogies, the cheese ones were definitely the best. They also included perogies that I'm sure were made with liver, very intriguing.

          1. hmm sounds like I should try it. Do they offer any worth while desserts?

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              No, but Queen of Tarts is also on Roncesvalles!

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                mmm.. sounds good, never been there. what all does queen of hearts offer?

            2. So I went tonite at 5PM! (SOO EARLY ) and when i had called earlier they told me I would def not need a reservation for 5, so I didnt bother. But like when we got there they were packed, had one crowded little table and told us that if we sat down we wouldnt even be able to get served for AT LEAST a half hour, not even bread. My family was starving, so disapointed we had to leave and we stopped at the first pub we saw (Whelans Gate which ended up being pretty good but I was looking forward to something different :( oh well next time for sure )

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                What a coincidence. I also went to Chopin tonight at 5. There were just 3 of us, and there was no problem getting at table near the front of the restaurant. The server took our order right away, and we received our food within half an hour. There were 2 large groups eating when we got there, but the larger group was already being served dessert, and the other group was eating their mains, so it's not like the kitchen was overwhelmed by the numbers.
                Next time Chopin is full, I'd suggest you try Staropolska or Cafe Polonez...if you're craving Polish food and in the neighbourhood. They are just a couple blocks north of Chopin, on the east side of Roncesvalles.
                We ordered potato pancakes and the platter for 2- once again, amazing cabbage rolls, schnitzel, perogies and potato pancakes, along with cabbage, beet and carrot salads. Best tasting mitteleuropean food I've found in TO...

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                  Oh damn, Im jealous haha Oh well, I will certainly go back in a couple weeks and try again

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                    I definitely second Cafe Polonez. They have a dish called the Hunter's Plate or something (I may be making that up) which is delicious goulash served over an even deliciouser potato pancake. It's perfect food for the coming winter, and there's always a nice atmosphere in the place.

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                      you are definetly right about the winter food reference. I will save my next trip down there for a cold winter feeling day.