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Sep 25, 2006 05:09 PM

Chopin Restaurant

Has anyone been here? Its on Roncesvalles.

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  1. I have, they have the best perogies I've ever tasted in my life and that's no small feat.

    Chopin also has an excellent "Polish Plattter for Two" for $30. It includes salads, schnitzels, potato pancakes, cabbage rolls and perogies. It's very filling and a tremendous value.

    1. It's awesome. Best perogies I've ever had- and I grew up eating perogies about once a week.
      I've been meaning to go back.

      Earlier thread:

      1. MMmmm sounds good. I looked at the menu, and you can choose what kind of perogies you get.. What kind did you guys have? Ive only ever had potato and cheese, but on their menu, apparently there are meat ones and I think mushroom. Also, what kind of schnitzel came with the polish platter?

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          The platter comes with plain breaded schnitzels and mixed perogies, the cheese ones were definitely the best. They also included perogies that I'm sure were made with liver, very intriguing.

          1. hmm sounds like I should try it. Do they offer any worth while desserts?

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            1. re: hungryabbey

              No, but Queen of Tarts is also on Roncesvalles!

              1. re: bogie

                mmm.. sounds good, never been there. what all does queen of hearts offer?