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Sep 25, 2006 04:46 PM

Reasonably priced, delicious Thai in Bryn Mawr: Silk Cuisine

I found the prices at Thai Pepper pretty outrageous, so we've now been to Silk Cuisine in Bryn Mawr about 5 times.

We haven't been able to get past the same dishes: Red curry, green curry, the corn fritters, and the fried spring rolls!

The sauce for both curries is addictive, the vegetables plentiful, the chicken delicious.

My husband and I battle for the corn fritters.

The spring rolls are a real treat too -- but I wouldn't recommended them for take out as they get a little mushy on the bottom...I think the dressing from the little side salad makes the rolls mushy. That little salad, by the way, is also worth grabbing a fork for.

The price is certainly right. The street parking isn't great, but it isn't awful either. The ambience is nothing to write home about, but the friendliness of the staff has been consistent every time.

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  1. Hm... sounds like I need to try it as it is right around the corner from where I live but I never knew it was any good.
    Did you get a peak at the vegetarian options?
    I agree that the prices at Thai Pepper are a little high, but I do really like the food.

    1. We had takeout from there a couple of weeks ago. The green curry with chicken my husband had was only okay, and the pad thai I ordered (a pregnancy craving) was one of the most flavorless things I've ever eaten. We've given up on Thai Pepper thanks to their ridiculous prices and smaller portions, but Silk Cuisine certainly wasn't the replacement we were seeking.

      (When Thai Pepper changed the Panang Beef to Panang Filet Mignon and upped the price to almost $19 and made the dish smaller, that was it for us. And their green curry with chicken now barely fills a small bowl and costs...$14, I think? Ridiculous.)