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Sep 25, 2006 04:40 PM

Special occasion (with gf-to-be) *not too expensive plz

Dear all the chowhounds out there,

I'm trying to help my friend find a good restaurant for this weekend. They've been dating for quite a while and this is gonna be the night that he will ask her to be his gf.

Are there any restaurants that are not too expensive, with nice atmosphere, and most importantly, good food?

It can be anything type of cuisine since there is nothing she doesn't like to eat. I know she likes Japanese, so I thought about Kaiseki Yu-Zen Hashimoto, which is a very nice restaurant... but it might be a bit too pricy (e.g. 100-150/person).

THANKS everyone!

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  1. I wish him all the best! :)

    What is his budget and which location does he prefer?

    1. His budget I think should be less than $100 for 2 persons. Location... in the GTA, preferrably uptown/Richmond Hill/Markham, but can also do downtown.

      1. Here's a place that I was going to go to last week, but never quite made it. The menu looks tasty and it should be within your friend's price range and territory:

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          Been to the Marlowe for a work event and certainly would not recommend it... food was pretty bad, it seems like more of an after work drinks type of place.

          As for recommendations... in that price range Batifole would be perfect.

        2. I find Main St., Unionville to be a nice place in the 'burbs for a romantic date. There are a number of options that may be appropriate. The Chophouse does pretty good steak and it has a decent atmosphere. Unionville House is in a tiny old house and is quite cozy. Recently, I've eaten at the Blacksmith Bistro on a Sunday and the food was good and the surroundings pleasant, but I found the live entertainment distracting.

          Hope he finds what he's looking for!

          1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I've told him about these places... will report back after he's tried it.

            Anymore suggestion is welcome :) coz I wanna know more too... although I'm not a guy *usually no need to think of the places* :p