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Sep 25, 2006 04:21 PM

PPQ versus Yummy Yummy

Hi..i am craving for crab. Can anyone suggest or give me feedback on which place makes it better? Yummy Yummy doesn't have garlic noodle, but i think i hear PPQ does. Any feedback would be great.

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  1. where is Yummy Yummy? I've had the noodles and crab at the PPQ location on Clement -- very good.

    1. yummy yummy is on irving, it's also a vietnamese restaurant. they are also known for their crab too!

      1. Both have crab but different. Both good in their own way. I think PPQ has the best Five spice chicken in SF and Yummy Yummy has the best raw beef salad. I go to both depending on my mood.

        1. I've been to PPQ just once and it was just OK (including the crab).

          I've been to Yummy Yummy many times with friends and family and I really enjoy the tasty food, the casual atmosphere, and the friendly service. It helps when the owner and half the servers recognize you and say hello every time.

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          1. re: Benny Choi

            I know what you mean Benny! All the servers know exactly what I order every time (Raw Beef Salad & Beef Stew noodle soup) & exactly how I like it (More Beef, please!) I don't have to even say anything..

            1. re: Benny Choi

              Benny.....What are your favorites at Yummy Yummy???

              1. re: ChowFun_derek

                Favorites (sorry I don't remember the exact dish names):

                Grilled chicken which you then wrap with sliced veggies, noodles, fish sauce, in rehydrated rice paper

                Garlic fried Dungenous crab

                fish cake appetizer

                the standard bowl of pho

                grilled chicken in bowl of noodles (no soup)

                1. re: ChowFun_derek

                  I was just picking between PPQ and YY last night.
                  Ended up at YY ... found parking right in front ... and
                  things only picked up from there.

                  The #30: BUN CHA HA NOI: Hanoi style charbroiled pork and "meatball"
                  with vermichelli is one of the best $8 food investments in SF, IMHO.

                  I didnt think this was that large a dish, but my friend kept saying "I dont
                  believe you are going to eat all of that" ... and I have to say I did feel
                  pretty large at the end of the meal.

                  I also quite liked the fried shrimp imperial rolls, #49: CHA GIO RE, #6@$5.50.

                  The "Hedgehog" potstickers were good too, but I personally liked the rolls more.

                  The ice+syrup+fruit drink was not that great but who cares.

                  The place was packed but service was still fast and very friendly.
                  It sure looked like everybody was having a good time in there.

                  ok tnx.

                  1. re: psb

                    Did you have the crab as well? If so..can you compare it to PPQ?

                    1. re: ChowFun_derek

                      Oh, that was a non-crab meal. However, I was planning to put together
                      a big meal there with some friends with "crab obligado" ... may get back
                      to you then.

                      BTW, anybody know what the "seasonal" crab prices are around
                      at a place like YY or PPQ?

                      I seem to remember a crabfest at Tahn Long a few year ago which
                      was a lot more expensive than I expected.

                      1. re: psb

                        than long is always a lot more expensive than it should be. yy and ppq will be significantly less.