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Sep 25, 2006 03:58 PM

Bariloche Argentina Restaurants/Buenos Aires Restaurant Recommendation

We will be spending Christmas at the Lao Lao Hotel in Bariloche. We are looking for a neat experience to take our brood for Christmas dinner. We have 4 adults and 5 teenagers/adults. Ages 16-21.

We will then be spending New Years and 4 nights in BA. I would appreciate any specials places there as well.

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  1. DO NOT MISS Restaurant Dora while in BA. Located near the Calle Florida pedestrian mall, it is THE place for great Argentine steaks, seafood and side dishes. Exemplary service as well.

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      In BA, try Sirope in Recoleta. The food is sophisticated Mediteranean - nice fish treatments - and the
      service excellent. We've eaten there three times and have always been very pleased. It's small so call for a reservation.

    2. I agree about Dora...but please please please also try La Cabrera on la Calle Cabrera in Palermo. So so good!

      1. Almost eveyrone knows all the names of the good restaurants in Bariloche. The town is so small that there are no hidden gems. The concierge at Llao Llao will be able to fix you up with the best places. The food is wonderful too. I would definitely not miss a meal or at least an afternoon at the Hotel Correntoso in Villa la Angostura. The food there is fantastic and the views just spectacular. Bariloche has grown a lot and there is a bit of a touristy feel to the place yet, Villa La Angostura is the new place to go. The Hotel Correntoso is the nicest hotel in the town right on the lake and near the river. Well worth the trip.
        As far as Buenos Aires is concerend, the food is delicious. I am not sure what you are interested in. I went to some very high end places and some rather trendy restaurants, probalby not child friendly. Puerto Madero has all the steak places which seems very family friendly.

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          For a family, in Puerto Madero, visit La Caballeriza. Very family friendly.

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            Mikey, any cooments for Naan or El Patacon in Bariloche? We ary trying to do an adult night.Thanks!

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              Mikey, could you recomend some better places in BA as far as High End? We are looking for a memorable meal for New Years Eve. Thanks for the help.

            2. For a large group with teenagers, I would recommend the following. Have a wonderful time!

              La Paila (traditional northern Argentine stews)
              Costa Rica 4848

              Morelia (wonderful pizza grilled parilla style)
              Humboldt 2005

              Sarkis (middle eastern served family style)
              Thames 1101

              Cluny (classic BA, but I think best for lunch with a family)
              El Salvador 4618

              De La Terraza (classic meats and pastas)
              Gurruchaga between Costa Rice and Nicaragua

              And I second La Cabrera, its great.

              Other fun food experiences with a big family.

              Persico in Las Canitas for ice cream
              Lucio on Scalabrini Ortiz near Charcas for medialunas
              Nucha on Parana at Plaza Vicente Lopez for an afternoon snack

              1. For BA, I can highly recommend -

                in Palermo Soho - Bar Uriarte (a full-fledged restaurant despite the name)- range of bistro style food, fish to meat selections

                in Palermo Hollywood -
                Central - bistro style food
                Sudestada - pan Asian - more on the Thai side very fresh ingredients
                Dominga - sushi, fish but w/ other items as I recall

                All are hip, modern in style settings and clientele, but not too sophisticated for a 16 y.o., I would think

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                  I second Sudestada. I was there last year and loved it!

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                    I second Bar Uriarte. Great at lunch time as they do a nice menu del dia. Dominga is good, but warning that if you go to Dominga or any sushi place, pretty much the only really world-class fish you will find in an Argentine sushi place is salmon. Now, its very good salmon, but only the salmon is worth writing home about (from a nigiri stand point).