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Sep 25, 2006 03:53 PM

BBQ in Ann Arbor and SE Michigan

Any reccomendations for great ribs and bbq in the Ann Arbor/SE Michigan area? My favorite for years was Mr. Rib/Michigan BBQ King Jesse Campbell, who passed away last week.

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  1. With out a doubt, the best Q I found in the greater Detroit area and Ann Arbor area is at Zigerman's Roadhouse. The ribs and brisket will knock your socks off. The sides of handcut, double fried fries are awesome as are the grits. Trust me, you've never had griits liike they serve. The only thing I stay away from at the Roadhouse are the greens. They tend to be bitter and not worth ordering imo. Oh, and the hushpuppies are fab.

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      Be sure to have the donuts at the Roadhouse. Fried to order, I don't think there are better donuts out there.

    2. check out my recent post on lazybones smokehouse. note: it's in roseville which is about an hour east of a2.

      1. A lot of people really like Slows in downtown Detroit.

        I haven't been there yet, but I've heard lots of great things.