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Sep 25, 2006 03:35 PM

Great eats/ sanwiches in the Wall Street/ Financial District area

Seeking recommendations for great eating opportunities decently priced. Reviewed the posting titled "best sandwiches in lower manhattan?" however, most of the replies included places just a bit far for me (although the fresh roast beef sandwich at Alleva sounds amazing, and will definitely check it out next time I am in the area, along with Despana and others...So thanks!). Thus far I've discovered a 24 hr deli on Water Street and a Starbucks on Wall which has good sanwiches, however, getting pretty bored of these 2 places...Any recmmendations would be GREATLY appreciated, anywhere in the Financial district. Always enjoy great food at a decent a good sandwich though! Thanks in advance.

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  1. Adrienne's Pizza Bar on Stone Steet for very good pizza, lite Italian with a nice atmosphere
    Benny's at the corner of Fulton and Gold (downstairs) for truly delicious Thai
    Mark Joseph's on Water Street for the NY Steakhouse experience

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    1. re: nancyl126

      Yes, pizza bar is really good and I will def try Benny's (walked by it before, wasn't sure about the place or quality of food :)

      1. re: nyc girl

        I used to love Benny's, however, I had take out from there today and its going to be a long time before I go back. I ordered what was described as string beans and tofu stir fried with garlic. What I got was undercooked string beans and carrots in a non-discript, bland, gloppy, but very salty, beige colored sauce.

        I am sad because I used to love this place.

        On the bright side, I like Cafe Sage -- another thai place -- around the corner on William Street.

    2. Oh, I just saw this thread. I posted a similar one earlier and just pasting my notes:

      Try Oriental Garden on Cedar Street between Pearl and William Street. You have to walk to the basement. Its on the south side of the street. You will skip dinner. Lunch boxes are around $5 skip the buffet bar which is a rip.

      I just had lunch at that cart today based on nosher's recommendation. It was pretty good.

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      1. re: designerboy01

        Was thinking about trying this place, but couldn't find it online. There is, however, an Oriental Express on the same block. I assume that's what you meant.

        1. re: bhill

          Yeah that is it. I didn't expect them to be on menupages. When I took a friend there he states "its a ton of food".

      2. Thanks. I find the downtown/ wall street area to be tough as far as getting great food, or any food for that matter after 9pm. Paris cafe (down by the s street seaport) is really good if you enjoy a good burger, mozz sticks or chicken fingers, etc. Ise is a great japanese / sushi place on pearl, but they close at 8:45. Other than that, not much going on, especially for a quick, good bite, like a delicious sandwich. Will check out Oriental Garden.

        1. sophie's on new street btwn beaver and exchange, or at chambers btwn church and broadway has great cuban food. really good cuban sandwiches, too.

          1. check out rosario's on whitehall for great italian sandwiches (chicken parm, meatball, etc.). i also like some of the sandwiches at financier (their muffaletto is great and so is their croque monsieur (sp?)), the upstairs deli at zeytuna and the falafel or shwarma at alfanoose on maiden lane.

            for other good eats down here, try adrienne's pizza bar on stone street, cafe doppio off of broad street for incredible soup (i love the chicken jambalaya), sophie's on new street, soups/quiche at klatch on maiden lane, the daisy may cart on wall street for chili, brisket or pulled pork (all amazing), smorgas cafe, the falafel stand in liberty plaza, the pearl street diner for great no frills breakfast, dean & deluca in borders for donut plant donuts and balthazar scones, and pret a manger for their ronnybrook yogurt with strawberry and rhubarb. i haven't found good chinese yet although No. 1 chinese is decent to bad and i, unlike a lot of people, don't like ise that much (except for their gyoza which is spectacular).

            the harder you look, the more you'll find down here. just stay away from starwich and asby's (in 120 broadway). blech.

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            1. re: jon

              Those are great suggestions. Try Oriental Garden mentioned on top for Chinese. They cook to order too. Check the wall in back of the cash register.