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Sep 25, 2006 03:32 PM

Hip, Artsy restaurant in Toronto?

I'm in charge of planning a dinner for my work's AGM in February. I work for a national service organization for opera companies. We're looking for a place to unwind after our big meeting that has an artsy vibe. The price point we're hoping for is about $45/person.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. How many people? (Some places might be too small for a really large crowd.)

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    1. I would check out Kultura on King East. I think it would fit the artsy, hip criteria. Not sure if it would fit your price point.

      1. well, hello!

        Have a look at No Regrets at Mowat and Liberty? Kinda artsy vibe, but more importantly it definitely has the space and the right prices for what you need. Pretty good chow, too.

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          ha! hello to you too.
          thanks for the recommendation!

        2. I think that when the Drake opened it was supposed to be a place for "Artists", and it probably has the "Hip" factor too, not sure about the price point though.

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            I have been to the Drake a few times and I think the best thing about that place is the patio in the summer. It has a fun vibe, somewhat hip, but the food is mediocre IMO - prices are within your range. Also, it's not an easy place to have a large group of people.

          2. How hip is hip? I think Laide has a pretty cool vibe, although the menu is not overly extensive.