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Sep 25, 2006 03:07 PM

Le Cafe in WLV closed; to become Mediterraneo

Yesterday I was surprised to find Le Cafe at the Westlake Village Inn not only closed for good, but completely gutted. Even a good portion of the outside had been stripped off.

A sign said "Coming Soon: Mediterraneo" and listed the following website:

Looks like yet another Italian influenced restaurant for the Conejo Valley... Good night, how many do we need?

This move is particularly surprising because they had just done an extensive remodel to Le Cafe and hired a new chef. And they always seemed to do a good business.

It's certainly a beautiful spot and they're obviously pumping lots of money in it, so we'll see.

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  1. I was never a fan of Le Cafe (service rude, food really mediocre) so am looking forward to this new Mediterraneo. Did they say when it will open?

    1. I didn't see a projected opening date but they've got a lot of work to do. The place was completely gutted -- even the windows.

      I'm sure they'll want to hustle up and try and be open for the holidays but they've got a long way to go.

      1. I cruised by the location this weekend and Mediterraneo is now open for business. Evidently, they opened about a week ago.

        If someone happens to go, please post your impressions.

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        1. re: okie

          Had lunch at Mediterraneo Fri., Nov. 10. Hostess said they've been open for 3 weeks.
          We miss Le Cafe and preferred the French country decor & food rather than Mediterranean.
          Our food was good but the service was non attentive.
          I don't think we'll ever return.
          We use to always look forward to stopping at Le Cafe for lunch or dinner when travelling US 101.

          1. re: chopstick

            Interestingly enough, Mediterraneo has the same ownership as the former Le Cafe, they just changed the concept, menu, etal, and are now back in business.

        2. looked nice from the outside
          picked up a menu, looks ok...
          good smells coming from thekitchen and wanted to stay for drinks and dinner but 3 hungry kids in the car so we went home instead....
          quite a few mid aged gents in track suits (or leisure suits) as I walked in... they were out to check out the local talent??

          1. Finally got a chance to go by this evening...

            First of all, it’s an absolutely gorgeous space. Le Café was nice to start but they really upgraded everything, with a nice patio and a couple of water features near the entrance (facing south) and the same great patio on the east side next to the lake.

            You can sit at the bar near the entrance but there are also two small sitting areas done in off-white leather and chocolate brown... Really a nice spot to have a cocktail or glass of wine.

            The restaurant is also quite dark and opulent. I had the capalleni with jumbo prawns which was excellent. My dining companion had the trout special which I was told was quite nice but turned out to be an expensive choice at $40. We both had the butternut squash soup and it was thick, creamy and delicious.

            I will definitely return, as they had some nice salads on their menu that I’d like to try.

            It’s certainly a beautiful spot and a nice addition to the Conejo dining scene.