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Devi - any good

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my bday is wednesday...what do you all think of DEVI as a place. my fiance only eats chicken tho...

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  1. Devi is very good. Haven't had chicken there, though.

    1. I had dinner there in December 2004 and was not impressed. The usual Indian mush at higher prices is my verdict.

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        Curious how you could call dishes such as Veal Brain and Liver Bruschettas, Manchurian Cauliflower, Crispy Okra, Jackfruit Biryaani "the usual Indian mush"?


      2. Indian mush? That's not a very attractive way to refer to the wonderful delicacy that is Indian food.

        Never been to Devi, so cant comment. Had a great meal as usual at Brick Lane last week though. Love their lamb madras.

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          Sorry! What I meant was that much of the Indian food in New York is mush. You know, the same sauce mixed with different veggies or meat kind of stuff. Of course Indian food is not mush - just the stuff you get in half of New York's Indian restaurants

        2. I went over the weekend, We tried everything on the tasting menu. While I thought it was quite good, nothing was really amazing, and I don't think think it was worth the $60 / pp, and I probably won't be returning.

          1. yes, i've definietly had better indian at a heck of a lot cheaper.

            1. In New York?

              In my experience, Devi is the best Indian restaurant in Manhattan, and yes, it's somewhat upscale. I would find it more appropriate than Brick Lane for a special occasion like a birthday.

              1. I'm with Wilfrid. Devi is serving extraordinarily delicious Indian cuisine. The tasting dinner we had last time we were there was sensational! The unusual and elegant decor adds to the fine dining experience. Definitely a place to celebrate a special occasion.

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                  I'm happy to hear at least a few voices in support of Devi, as I just booked a table for Saturday night and was beginning to reconsider my choice. From pics, it appears to be a lovely setting, and the online menu certainly has some interesting-sounding items.

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                    I would NOT reconsider. Devi has fantastic (and spicy) flavors, nice presentations, gracious service, AND a beautiful room.

                2. i guess i'm coming from living in queens where you cannot beat the indian.
                  i found devi to have run-of-the-mill "fancy" decor and the food, imo, was just ok.

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                    OK, ceecee, I have to know--what are the Devi-beating Queens spots, in your view? Maybe answer on the Outer Boroughs board.

                    For my part, the one time I went to Devi I thought it was excellent, but that was over a year ago. Regrettably, I haven't had Indian in Queens since the old Mina.

                  2. actually haven't gone for indian in ages, but even still, i think even masala is better than devi.
                    i guess this should be on outer boroughs.

                    1. If you don't mind the price, yes, Devi is about as good Indian food as you can get in Manhattan