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Sep 25, 2006 02:45 PM

Help My Mechanic Tony Eat Something

I hate to be a downer, but one of my best friends (my mechanic Tony, whose mother - an astounding cook - I've profiled on the site in the past) has a brother in very very bad shape in SF General. He's flown out to SF, and has lost 15 pounds in three weeks because he's too frantic and upset to eat, and doesn't know where to go. This is a job for Chowhound.com

He's staying on Masonic, in the 1200's. And his brother is, again, in SF General.

Tony likes inexpensive places where people are kind and the food is fresh. He's got a good palate for shortcuts and compromises (his mom's fault), sort of a princess-and-the-pea type. He likes anything good (though is very tough to please on Italian), but has a health food side to him.

Anything in either locale?


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  1. Near SF General, I had a great burrito al pastor at Taqueria San Francisco, which is on the corner of 24th and York (only 3 blocks from the hospital). In fact it is up there on the list of best burritos I've ever had (but I've spent most of my life in the Northeast). My DC had a veggie burrito that she really liked.

    There are lots of great places on 24th for snacks, burritos, tacos, tortas, juices, bread.

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      I recently tried this place out. Good carnitas and salsa verde but the pollo asado was pretty bad, very dry and hard.

    2. "There are lots of great places on 24th for snacks, burritos, tacos, tortas, juices, bread"

      He's not in a state of mind to explore. Anyone have specific guidance? Of the "go there and eat this and you'll feel better, guaranteed" variety?

      I'll pass on the taqueria sf tip, thanks!

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        Another specific rec: A chicken torta (be sure to ask for spicy) at La Torta Gorda.

        2760 24th street
        San Francisco, CA
        On the same block as Manivanh Thai and Taqueria San Francisco.

        Here's a post about it from 2005


      2. Yesterday I visited the Poleng Lounge on Fulton and Masonic and I was impressed with the food. It's pan-asian - I had a papaya salad (really fresh and delicious) and a bowl of curry, along with a pot of lychee black tea. Thats comfort food for me.
        Their tea selection is great, displayed on the bar in little metal tins so you can see and smell them. It just opened -
        the prices are right, portions impressive, and the staff couldnt be nicer.

        I would also tell him to drink a few beers at magnolia pub on masonic and haight - they have great food too.

        Near the hospital, i would recommend Manivanh Thai, which is 2732 24th street (At Potrero Ave). Last week I had the pad gra prow with pork, which comes with rice for $7.05. It was really fresh and delicious, I've also had the pork prig-khing there, which was also great. It's nothing pretty inside--so I get take out and eat in a park.

        also, el toyanese taco trucks on harrison street and 22nd street. carnitas tacos all the way.

        1. 1200 Masonic is near Haight St. so that might help with searches. (San Francisco
          street address numbering is totally screwed up, so you always need a cross
          street for reference. ) I really like the Pork Store for breakfast. Right there near
          the corner of Haight. Good basic breakfast in a sit-at-the-counter setting.

          There's been a decent, recent thread about Chinese in Mission/Potrero, which
          is the area the hospital is in. Although the immediate hospital area is pretty
          bleak (where *do* all those doctors eat???) pretty much everything mentioned
          in that thread is a lunchtime walk away.

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            My husband works at General and he insists there is nothing worth eating right close to it. Believe it or not - I pack his lunches!

          2. The location is close to the upper Richmond and Sunset. It will require a short bus ride.

            San Tong on Iriving is a great dinner option. While other place have seats this place has a waiting line.

            There a lot of interest Aisan places on the same street. Have not tried them all but have only driven by.