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Sep 25, 2006 02:33 PM

mexico city recommendations

I am going to be in mexico for a week, any advice on where to go/visit? any interesting food markets or street food?
I am going to be there at the beginning of november.

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  1. Getting around the DF is a bitch. Do you know in what part of the city you'll be mostly, Polanco, Lomas, Downtown, Southern Mexico City, Condesa/Roma/Zona Rosa.

    It's a big place so here's my brief list for Central and Southern Mexico City:

    1) El Monje Loco
    Mixcoac Area

    2) Hipocampo
    Universidad or Insurgentes Sur.

    1) El Charro de la Ranas
    Mixcoac, Periferico Sur, Downtown. High end tacos.

    2) El Gallito
    Southern Insurgentes. Guisado Tacos, think excellent home-cooking leftovers

    3) El Tizoncito
    Miramontes. Tacos al carbon, very hot sauces

    1) Coyoacan Food Market, the one in the Coyoacan Civic Center,
    by the Guadalupana Cantina, for Mexico City Style Deep-fried Quesadillas

    2) Coyoacan Market by La Malinche, Good fonda food, late summer fall is Chile en Nogada Season

    3) Mercado San Angel like above.

    1) Fonda Don Chon in the La Merced Neighborhood, Downtown Mexico City, pre-Columbian Oaxaxan cuisine: venison, iguana

    2) Arroyo or Enrique
    Insurgentes Sur

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      ¬°El Monje Loco! I had two huge Tortas Cubanas at the place on my first visit to Mexico City, in Feb, 92. They were wondeful and fresh. Never have figured out the location, as someone else was driving. It was under a viaduct.

    2. Hi Ruby... check this thread out for things to do & eat in Mexico City:

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      1. re: Eat_Nopal

        Eat Nopal, that's a great thread--so well done and so thorough. I enjoyed reading it and seeing all the photos.

        Thanks for posting it.