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Sep 25, 2006 02:32 PM

Claudia Fleming recipe

Has anyone made Claudia Fleming's White Chocolate Espresso Tart (from her book, The Last Course)? I'd be curious to hear how it came out and if you'd recommend it. Thanks!

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  1. sorry no, but if you do end up making it, PLEASE post a response. i've considered making it in the past. i'm sure its good. everything else i've made from that book was! (especially the chocolate caramel tarts)

    1. Will do. Incidentally...besides the chocolate caramel tarts, what else have you made that has turned out well? Thanks!

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        The chocolate brownie cookies are a delight. And those chocolate caramel tarts are a wonder.

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          The Guinness Stout Cake, which we combined with a blood orange compote, was stellar. I've been thinking about that cake for the past 2 years.

          1. re: AppleSister

            Forgot about that one but it really is good!

        2. Dag! No,but if you send me the recipe I promise to make it and let you know! It sounds "to die for". If you're up to it my email is

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            I'll see if I can send you the recipe tonight. From what I remember, it involves steeping espresso beans in cream and then straining the cream to impart espresso flavor while keeping the cream white. I'll try to copy it later for you.

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              Thanks Dag, It really sounds amazing. I know it's a pain to type out arecipe online. But, if you do I promise to follow thru....... Pixlpi

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                Will do -- tonight! As it turns out, I *too* will be making it this I'll keep you posted!

          2. I just glanced at it, looks like just some whipped white chocolate cream in a cookie crust. I have made similar things, but not CF's. Make sure you chill the white chocolate mixture very thoroughly before whipping, be careful not to overwhip, and make sure the tart shell is completely cool before filling. If you want to fill it farther ahead than a few hours, you might want to paint the crust with some melted chocolate to prevent sogginess.

            1. I haven't made that one either, however I have made the lemon-lime souffle tart, macadamia nut tart, pistachio-nut brittle, sugar and spice doughnuts, butterscotch custards, vanilla and espresso shortbread, triple creme tart, chocolate espresso terrine and chocolate brownie cookies. All with great success. Her recipes are true to form. I didn't care for the triple creme tart because it's not my thing, but the recipe worked well.

              White chocolate and espresso are a match made in heaven. Let me know how it turns out!

              Claudia Flemming Rocks!