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Collapsed entires - what does everybody think of them????

My feedback is I don't like the new collasped entries. I like to see what's been printed and be able to scroll through 'em to pick out what I want. They're a little too cute and may save space but isn't space cheap today? What say all you other chow hounds?

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  1. The overwhelming sentiment seems to be positive on the thread currently discussing this topic


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    1. re: Chris VR

      They came up with that feature in response to many complaints.

      If you don't like it, just click "Expand All."

    2. And you can uncollapse the entries if you prefer.

      1. EE, it only collapses if you've read the thread and there are new entries. It makes the boards useable again.

        1. Brilliantly done, and quite a relief if you are a frequent poster or lurker...

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          1. re: ChowFun_derek

            Yes, the collapsed entries are a wonderful improvement!

          2. I really like the collapsed threads--it doesn't matter so much on short threads, but on distended ones it is a great improvement.

            1. Hate it. Too much work, aesthetically unattractive.

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              1. re: erikka

                Too much work to click "expand all" once???

                1. re: ChowFun_derek

                  It's ugly to look at and the yellow boxes were more than sufficient. And yes, scrolling all the way back up to the top to "expand all" after reading new posts at the bottom is a pain in the ass - especially in long threads.

                  1. re: erikka

                    Would an 'Expand all' button at the bottom be sufficient to solve that problem?

                    1. re: erikka

                      "And yes, scrolling all the way back up to the top to "expand all" after reading new posts at the bottom is a pain in the ass - especially in long threads."

                      You can get there in two simultaneous keystrokes - Control-HOME.

                      P.S. I *love* the collapsed previously read entries.

                      1. re: LindaWhit

                        mac user, but thanks for your gracious help.

                        1. re: erikka

                          Apple key + up arrow does it on a Mac

                2. The other thread about collapsed entries is too long so I'll add my view here- I love the collapsed entries!! I also love that they are indented according to their reply sequence. It's the greatest feature since sliced bread! Ok maybe the greatest thing since Real Dates.

                  By the way, someone in the other thread had the concern that if you use CTRL+F to look for a certain word or phrase in the thread, your browser won't find the word for you if the word is in a collapsed entry. But there's an easy workaround: Return to the Board where the thread was posted, then open the same thread which is now white because there are no new posts. All of the entries are now expanded so you can do CTRL+F to find something. It's as if the software KNOWS that when you want to read a thread that has no new posts, you are doing it because you're looking for something that was said previously. Is it that smart??!! Whoa...Color me impressed!!

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                  1. re: Alice Patis

                    Aha! So that's what's going on! I was just revisiting the other thread on this topic, and thinking that it's so ironic that the thread-collapsing function doesn't seem to be working in the "Thread-Collapsing" thread. Now I know why.

                    1. re: Helen F

                      So confusing. I *hate* it when something does X in one place, and Y in another. I prefer a consistent interface and set of controls.

                      But thanks for the explanation.


                    2. re: Alice Patis

                      You don't need to open the topic agian, you can just use Expand All.