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Best Kosher Supermarket in Brooklyn, NY?

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I'm looking for a supermarket/grocery in Brooklyn that is the most well stocked with kosher products - both the basics, and unique, hard to find items.

I know that there are probably quite a few, in Flatbush and Boro Park, and I know of some, but I'd like your opinions on which has the best, and most varied selection.

Thanks very much!

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  1. friedman's in boro park

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    1. re: matzohrella

      Where exactly is it located?

    2. Goldbergs-- Its open 24hrs
      how many kosher supermarkets can say that

      1. If you're on the F train, try Landau's, it's one block from the 18th Ave station. And anything they don't have, you can probably get at Shoprite, one stop down at Ave I.

        1. rosners in boro park (fourteenth ave corner 45th street) is probably the cheapest. they also opened a new location on ave f and mcdonald which is probably less packed and bigger. for aesthetically pleasing, i found hatzluche supermarket in williamsburg to be nice, clean and airy. shoprite on ave I and mcdonald has a tremendous kosher selection as does fairway in red hook. friedmans is probably the all around best in boropark, dont know much about the flatbush supermarkets, an fairway is probably the all around best in brooklyn, at least for kosher and probably for nonkosher too

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            I used to enjoy shopping at Moshe's Discount on Avenue M. I haven't been there in a while, but I do remember that their pricing was good. Shoprite on Avenue I also has a large selection of Kosher products. I used to do all of my Passover shopping there. They even used to have a strictly kosher branch of their fish department (I assume it is still there) in the Shoprite.

          2. I really apprediate the replies, and I hope to check them out.
            Can anyone please tell me the locations of Goldberg's, and Friedman's?
            Thanks very much!

            1. Never Mind!
              Sorry! The info. was easier to find on google, than I expected. I should have tried earlier.
              For anyone else that's interested, Goldberg's is on 18th Ave. between 50th and 51st Street, and Friedman's is on 13th, between 39th and 40th.

              1. I'll give you my take, as I've shopped at all of them:

                Shop Rite: Expensive on the Jewish branded food, so I buy the regular grocery items but avoid aisle 13.

                Friedmans: Excellent prices, great selection.

                Landau's: Expensive all around, no sales.

                Goldberg's: Expensive on non-sale items.

                Moisha's: Filthy

                KRM: Good prices, store's a little hard to navigate.

                Mountain Fruit: I'm suspect of the freshness there.

                I'll suggest a place that no one has brought up yet: Kosher Palace. There are two branches. The one on Avenue S and McDonald Avenue is very clean, well priced, great produce, and never too crowded. They take credit card with no minimum, and allow you to buy their sale items without a minimum non-sale purchase.

                Another great place with those two policies and very good prices is Paperific, but they don't have a huge grocery selection.

                1. I’ve adopted a wait and see approach on KDS new expansion on Coney Island ave between K&L, although if it’s anything like its previous carnation, then it is to be avoided at all costs, a horrid Meat section, wilted, over priced fruits and veggies.
                  I strongly recommend Friedman’s on thirteenth ave.

                  1. I like glatt mart and mountain fruit

                    1. Does anyone know where I can find a kosher version of Pecorino Romano cheese (not the powdery stuff); it's from a hunk of real, hard cheese. It's delicious shaved over a dairy salad. A kibbutz in Israel makes it.

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                      1. re: Chaya Yita

                        Try http://www.kosheritalia.com

                        Note: There is FREE ground shipping on orders of at least $75.

                        1. re: midasgold

                          have not seen any pecorino romano

                      2. I like king kosher (kings highway). great selection/price and nice staff. avi glatt is good too

                        1. Though I haven't been there yet, I believe that the POMEGRANATE supermarket is the new kid in town; from what I've heard, it has everything (common and unique), large, free parking, and it probably more expensive than other markets. Alternatively, KRM market in Brooklyn is very large and has just about everything.

                          1. pomegranate where kds was is overpriced and underquality try glatt mart corner ave m and east 12th in flatbush they have 100 car parking, big fresh selection of meats and chicken including ready prepared meat/chicken that you just have to bake, large selection of everything else and fresh deli section. prices are good and have good weekly sales. enjoy!!

                            1. I like Paperific on Coney Island Ave, they have the best prices, but not much produce so I go across the street to Pomegranate for anything that Paperific doesn't have. Pomegranate has everything! I also like Glatt Mart.

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                                I Agree, for the stuff that Paperific carried, their prices can't be beat! ( Their selection on food staples is pretty good!) For everything rlse, just run across the street to fill in at Pomegranate.

                              2. King Kosher off Kings Highway is a full service supermarket with mini sores (deli, bakery. fish. cheese, meat etc.) within the store. Free parking underground parking next door with a $30 purchase and you get a 10% discount if you shop between 7 - 10am!
                                Friendly staff, good pricing and very well stocked.

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                                  I travel to the united states from ottawa on to buy food i find that prices are too high here i recommend krm kollel as a good supermarket some of the prices are reasonable.


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                                    Sorry, but I've bought rancid chicken past it's due date there - so be careful. I would either suggest Pomegranate or Kosher Palace.

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                                      yeah i remember that i had the same experience but now they improved their meat department, but i have to say that their fruits are the best!!!

                                  2. Do any of them carry good fresh halvah?

                                    1. Now that this has been reopened, I have been revisiting Moishe's and except for the horrible parking situation quality is good and prices are great

                                      1. Shlomi Glat - 2380 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. Between Ave. U and Ave. T.
                                        (718) 382-1981
                                        Great selection, low prices.

                                        1. Pomegranate is AMAZING! I am shocked that it has received so little love on this post. The selection is awesome. I think the prices are reasonable. One of the best supermarkets I have ever frequented.

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                                          1. re: chaiman

                                            are there any special items that would make it worth a special trip, from say Manhattan?

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                                              Where else can you get a Kobe beef steak for about $75? Should you decide to cook it and eat it, they give you detalied instructions on how.

                                              1. re: Arinoam

                                                I lived in manhattan and have traveled to Brooklyn just to shop at Pomegranate. They have EVERYTHING. The meats, the deli, the salads, the bakery, the olives, etc. etc etc. Worth the trip just to see what you are missing in manhattan.

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                                                I love Pomegranate and would totally go there from anywhere nearby, even Manhattan! From the easy valet parking to the helpful workers to having them unload my groceries and either load up my car OR deliver it to me later on (I live in Brooklyn), it is a pleasant experience! And I used to have to make a few stops to get different products that our local heimishe stores didn't carry since they are not chalav yisroel (Morningstar Farms vegetarian products come to mind) and now I don't since Pomegranate has them.