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Sep 25, 2006 02:00 PM

Best Kosher Supermarket in Brooklyn, NY?

I'm looking for a supermarket/grocery in Brooklyn that is the most well stocked with kosher products - both the basics, and unique, hard to find items.

I know that there are probably quite a few, in Flatbush and Boro Park, and I know of some, but I'd like your opinions on which has the best, and most varied selection.

Thanks very much!

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    1. re: matzohrella

      Where exactly is it located?

    2. Goldbergs-- Its open 24hrs
      how many kosher supermarkets can say that

      1. If you're on the F train, try Landau's, it's one block from the 18th Ave station. And anything they don't have, you can probably get at Shoprite, one stop down at Ave I.

        1. rosners in boro park (fourteenth ave corner 45th street) is probably the cheapest. they also opened a new location on ave f and mcdonald which is probably less packed and bigger. for aesthetically pleasing, i found hatzluche supermarket in williamsburg to be nice, clean and airy. shoprite on ave I and mcdonald has a tremendous kosher selection as does fairway in red hook. friedmans is probably the all around best in boropark, dont know much about the flatbush supermarkets, an fairway is probably the all around best in brooklyn, at least for kosher and probably for nonkosher too

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          1. re: BPfatso

            I used to enjoy shopping at Moshe's Discount on Avenue M. I haven't been there in a while, but I do remember that their pricing was good. Shoprite on Avenue I also has a large selection of Kosher products. I used to do all of my Passover shopping there. They even used to have a strictly kosher branch of their fish department (I assume it is still there) in the Shoprite.

          2. I really apprediate the replies, and I hope to check them out.
            Can anyone please tell me the locations of Goldberg's, and Friedman's?
            Thanks very much!