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Sep 25, 2006 01:51 PM

Late Dinner Old Town Alexandria area

I'm coming home to Alexandria after being away for ten years. My husband and I are coming in on evening flight and I'm wondering if I can get some suggestions for a late dinner on a thursday night.

Ten years ago, I was in high school, so my idea of a great late night meal was found at the Silver Diner. My husband has never been to the DC area, so I'd like to convince him that they food is good enough to move for.

Also..I'm sure that this topic has been beaten to death, but hole in the wall crab places in the Alexandria area? I remember one on Route One when I was a kid, but I have no idea if its still open. Any suggestions?

Thanks for any input!

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  1. not sure how late you want, but 100 King might be a good choice. It's tapas style/smaller portions which are nice sometimes for late meals. Everything I've tried was great.

    1. The bistro at Restaurant Eve is open until 10pm. If that doesn't convince him to move, nothing will.

      RT's on Mount Vernon Avenue does a pretty decent crabcake. Not sure of the hours though.