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Sep 25, 2006 12:54 PM

Jamaican/West Indian in Nassau/West Suffolk

Hi there,
Cuyah in Deer Park is a nice reliable place in Deer Park for jerk, curry goat, etc.
Anywhere else I'm missing?
Anything in Wyandanch?

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  1. It's on my list of places to try, and has been talked about quite a bit here. Was Village Deli on Straight Path, now I think called Island Choice and moved to Wheatley Hts. But I haven't been yet, so go and give an unpdated report. Glad to know Cuyah is still around, haven't been there in awhile either.

    1. 110 into Amityville....where it looks all quaint and town-like....left of the clock tower (heading south), a few shops down from a wicker store....take out (I keep forgetting to take a card, sorry I don't know the name) This place is great. I've had oxtail, curry goat, escovitch king fish, dumplings, coconut shrimp-though they don't always have it.. ALL GOOD to GREAT...a few cafeteria like tables, but I always take out....Absolutely worth a trip...I think they only do lunch...

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        Sweet & Spicy Caribbean Cafe at 179 Broadway, Amityville.

        Review here.

      2. OK I was in the area today and was going to try to find all three places. Went to Cuyahs, had been before many years ago, this time I got beef patties and plantain patties, then went off to look for Island Choice for Jerk Chicken. Got lost and got late, so next week. Went home and made some Curried Carrot Soup (took 15 minutes)and served with the patties, they were sublime. It's true the area I had to drive through was weird, then when you get to Cuyahs it's like you are in Heaven because it's so pretty.
        Well next week I'll post about at least one other place if not both. My husband insists!

        1. Thanks for the update coll!
          Let us know how the jerk is!!

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            I've only been getting into western Suffolk every 2 to 3 weeks, but I have an agenda. Checked out Sweet and Spicy in Amityville, very friendly and informative staff, Patrick is whom I spoke to. I had a refrigerator full of leftovers at home, so I just ordered one jerk chicken dinner and told them what I wanted to try next time. He added a curried oxtail and a regular oxtail to try, and told me about fish specials on weekends. The vegetable sidedish of cabbage, onions and green peppers was unbelievably good and seasoned to perfection, and I don't usually like any of those things alone. The jerk chicken was so perfect, spicy and yet not overwhelming, real comfort food.Patties were all kinds of flavors, imported from Brooklyn, with coconut rolls to accompany. Next stop, Wheatley Hts.