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Sep 25, 2006 12:32 PM

Restaurant for Babies? (DC)

My one year old nephew will be visiting this weekend. Any suggestions? (Metro accessible preferred)

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  1. A fair question is what are he and his parents like in restaurants? Will they take him out for a walk if he acts up? If they are committed to getting him out the door quickly if he gets fussy, your options are considerably more extensive. A lot of restaurants have kids in them between 5 and 7; after that the families disappear.

    Are you looking for upscale dining? Or are you looking for anything better than McDonalds?

    Our standard recommendation is to head for dim sum. The food arrives quickly, the bustling carts are fascinating for small kids, there will be plenty of high chairs, and you'll see lots of families with 3 and 4 generations dining together.

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      Hi Folks-

      If you would like to continue discussing babies in restaurants, in general terms (not about specific restaurants) please continue the discussion on the Not About Food board. Please limit the discussion here to specific DC area restaurants.


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        Um, yeah. I'm look for something a little bit better than McDonalds. I've heard good things about 2 Amy's but it's kind of out of the way for me. A nice neighborhood/casual place in the dupont/logan area would be ideal. And, I've only ever had dim sum for brunch---want a dinner place this weekend.

      2. Try Pizzeria Paradiso. A little crowded but good pizza and good for families. You may have to wait a bit so don't try if its raining. There waiting area is very tiny.

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          I would definitely try heading there early as well. It will reduce your wait time (in a, agreed, VERY tiny area) and will probably make the meal less stressful overall.

        2. On R St in the Dupont Circle area is Teaism. Light Japanese-inspired meals. Counter service. Most of the bento boxes are very delicious.

          1. Restaurant AV off New York is very kid friendly. Standard red check tablecloth Italian, about a 3 block walk from the Chinatown Metro stop. Burma is also pretty good with kids, as is Sushi-go-round, all in the neighborhood. And if you don't really care about the food, Fuddruckers and Ruby Tuesdays are nearby as well.