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hongkonger searching for chinese food in paris!

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I have been in paris for two years now and am still searching for decent chinese food, be it dim sum, sishuan, shanghainese..... as long as it is the real stuff, not europeanized!
The same goes for Indonesian, Vietnamese, Malay, Thai etc!! I am really craving asian food and getting homesick!

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  1. Le Bambou in the 13th for Vietnamese.

    Kunitoraya in near the Louvre on Rue St. Anne for Japanese udon.

    Sinorama has average Cantonese in the 13th.

    1. thanks! i will try out the Japanese Udon, the site looks great, most of the japanese restaurants here only serve sushi and "brochettes"- stuffed with cheese!.

      1. I've been in Paris for 20 and I'm still looking.

        Go to Los Angeles is my advice.

          1. weng zhou salon de the, on rue belleville, is fantastic! i just discovered it last week and went twice in one weekend. don't confuse it with another place a half block down also called weng zhou ("traiteur?" i don't remember the name exactly). all the "raviolis" are excellent (we know them in the US as potstickers or dumplings), especially the pork, ginger and celery ones. also, the soup with house made noodles and "viande sechee" was fantastic. mostly dirt cheap, and always packed with chinese as well as french and other foreigners. you must go!!

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              I have tried that one, the pot stickers were ok, it was nice to see that they make them fresh, i was a little disappointed by their tofu and eggplant as it was covered in oil but it was great to have sesame mochis in almond soup!

            2. oh, also, my taiwanese friend told me there's a place in belleville with pretty good dim sum.... i'll get back to you on that... maybe we can organize an outing!

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                how did the dim sum trip go? any success? Am going back to HK in March for my yearly dose, soooo looking forward to it!

              2. Yeah, I'm from Toronto, and I've been looking for a place that even serves congee/jook since last Septemer without luck. I've just started making it at home. Anyway, Belleville is the centre for Guangdong food, whereas the stuff in the 13th (look up Tang Frères and wander around there) seems to be Mandarin-town. That much being said, I've yet to eat passable Chinese anything since I've got here. At least the cheap traiteur asiatiques around town are very cheap...but the sit-down restaurants are generally sub-par.

                On the other hand, there's a Vietnamese place just SE of the Belleville métro stop (at the corners of rue Louis Bonnet and rue de la Presentation) that has pretty good Pho.

                1. Belleville has many chinese restaurants, including some that reminded me of my days in HK. It's been a while and I can never remember names anyway, but, if you walk along rue de belleville and chat with the restaurant staff you'll figure something out.

                  1. do you like taiwanese food if so there's a good little restaurant called zen zoo (named after their special drink) in the 2nd rue chabanais on the corner that is very small but very very popular with locals and taiwanese, if not there are a few chinese and japanese restaurantson rue saint anne not far from there in the 1st and 2nd

                    1. check out the Tibetian restaurant in Latin Quarter, I believe along Genevieve (sp)

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                        Do you mean Tashi Delek? It is on rue des fosses s-jacques. Tibetan food is not even close to HK food - it has chinese and indian influences. The owners of Tashi Delek (and most tibetan restaurants outside tibet!) are tibetans refugees from India, and the food reflects that. Norbulinga, on rue amelot, is another excellent tibetan restaurant.

                      2. The only Chinese food I think is great in Paris is the roast pork at Tang Gourmet:

                        Thick, crunchy, chicharrones-like skin capping moist, tender, deeply flavourful flesh.

                        Don't bother with the French-Asian, pre-cooked, re-heated, syrupy slop there. And this location at Place d'Italie serves better pig than the flagship Tang Freres on ave d'Ivry.