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Sep 25, 2006 12:28 PM

hongkonger searching for chinese food in paris!

I have been in paris for two years now and am still searching for decent chinese food, be it dim sum, sishuan, shanghainese..... as long as it is the real stuff, not europeanized!
The same goes for Indonesian, Vietnamese, Malay, Thai etc!! I am really craving asian food and getting homesick!

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  1. Le Bambou in the 13th for Vietnamese.

    Kunitoraya in near the Louvre on Rue St. Anne for Japanese udon.

    Sinorama has average Cantonese in the 13th.

    1. thanks! i will try out the Japanese Udon, the site looks great, most of the japanese restaurants here only serve sushi and "brochettes"- stuffed with cheese!.

      1. I've been in Paris for 20 and I'm still looking.

        Go to Los Angeles is my advice.

          1. weng zhou salon de the, on rue belleville, is fantastic! i just discovered it last week and went twice in one weekend. don't confuse it with another place a half block down also called weng zhou ("traiteur?" i don't remember the name exactly). all the "raviolis" are excellent (we know them in the US as potstickers or dumplings), especially the pork, ginger and celery ones. also, the soup with house made noodles and "viande sechee" was fantastic. mostly dirt cheap, and always packed with chinese as well as french and other foreigners. you must go!!

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              I have tried that one, the pot stickers were ok, it was nice to see that they make them fresh, i was a little disappointed by their tofu and eggplant as it was covered in oil but it was great to have sesame mochis in almond soup!