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Sep 25, 2006 06:37 AM

Deep Fried Fish (99 Ranch, other Asian markets...)

Just wondering about the fried fish at 99 Ranch and other Asian markets. You choose a fresh / live fish and tell the butcher to deep fry it. I've seen/smelled the end result in the store and can say it's quite tempting to try out. Has anyone tried this? If so, what fish is the best to fry? And how is this served at home at the dinner table? Special sauces, etc.?

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. I've done this multiple times. I usually go with what ever is on sale. But the best species for this is the Rex Sole, the Black Pomfret, and Tilapia. Just my opinion.

    I usually eat it with homemade nuoc cham, with plenty of steamed rice and usually a quick stir fry of green vegetables in season.

    1. Usu. when I asked the fish to be fried I'll use it for fish stew or seafood hotpot.

      Not a fan generally of deep-fried fish by itself (McDonald's filet-of-fish notwithstanding).

      1. I've only had the fried fish Phillipino style. They will fry a whole tilapia, and it is served with a vinegar sauce that has whole chilis in it. It really is enjoyable and the meat stays moist. There is a Phillipino fish market on Vermont, can't remember the name. And it's a bargain since the tilapia there is usually $1/lb.

        1. We love to get the whole fried fish from 99 ranch and then coming home and making fish tacos... The secret is to get it in the morning. They have fresh oil then. However, I don't like the live ones for getting fried. I think the flesh gets too soft, so we usually get the catfish on ice.


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            The firmness of the flesh comes after rigor mortis has set in. That is why live catfish will be too soft for frying right there in the store. However, I think the catfish on ice is often of lesser quality - as judged by the lack of firmness of the stomach and cloudiness of the eyes and browning of the gills.

            1. re: suvro

              I thought it might have something to do with that. I love the fresh live fish for making stuff back at home though... like soups and braises... YUM!! :) I always pick out my iced fish to make sure it looks good. I go to a pretty bustling 99 ranch (Rowland Heights) so the turn over is good and their iced fish are of good quality and they tag where the fish is from.


          2. i like to get salmon cut into steaks and deep fried... i like the fish with more meat deep fried....