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Sep 25, 2006 06:18 AM

suzanne goin's braised beef ribs...(yet another review)

i know its been talked about quite a bit on this board. i copied the recipe to my files ages ago and FINALLY made it tonight...

unbelievable. so delicious and rich! everyone loved it. if anyone hasn't made this to the butcher and pick up some short ribs asap!

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  1. This is my default dinner party recipe. You can make it ahead and reheat it and it's always good.

    1. Can you tell me how to find the recipe online?

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      1. Did you use the "flanken" cut of ribs?

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        1. re: Funwithfood

          I made the recipe last February using flanken. The final dish was delicious, but I think the regular cut would have had a better texture. That's what I'll use if I ever do it again.

          1. re: judybird

            But that disgusting gelatinous you just trim around it?