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Sep 25, 2006 05:22 AM

Joel Robuchon at The Mansion or Guy Savoy Las Vegas [moved from SF board]

I have a big birthday coming up and I have already decided to go to Vegas and dine at either Joel Robuchon at The Mansion or Guy Savoy. Can anyone help me decide?

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  1. I have not been to Joel Robuchon at The Mansion but hope to this weekend. I reviewed Guy Savoy back in May. I enjoyed my meal but as I mentioned in this review, I do not think this restaurant is suited for Las Vegas unless they change quickly. Most of it had to do with the service aspect of our meal and absolute cost. Reading comparisons of the 2 it seems that $ for $ Joel Robuchon at The Mansion has more to offer than GS. Interesting to note, one of the people I went to the Guy Savoy dinner was Chef Jean Louis Gerin, who years ago was one of Guy's sous chef in Paris. JL has never had anything but the highest praise for his mentor and after our Vegas dinner we were all in awe. But recently when I was talking with JL about Per Se in NYC, he commented that at the present moment, the 2 greatest restaurants in the US (he might have even insinuated that they were the best in the world) are Per Se and Joel Robuchon at The Mansion. He did not even mention Guy Savoy.

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      Thanks. I hope you'll report back after your dinner at Robuchon.