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Sep 25, 2006 04:19 AM

Leisurely lunch in Glendale (or nearby)?

I just made contact with an old friend and we're going to meet for lunch next Saturday. I need help finding a place in the Glendale area (Burbank, etc) which not only has good food and a nice ambience, but will allow us to sit and tie up a table for a few hours while we have a huge gab fest. Any ideas?

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  1. For a nice leisurely lunch:

    Try the Market City Caffe in the Burbank Media Center area. Serviceable Italian (although I haven't been in a few years), with a very nice patio for lingering. It's a nice area to walk around afterward.

    On Maryland, South of Broadway there are a number of choices in a charming courtyard: Maurizios, Zono Sushi, Chuys among others. Also plenty of walking around options

    Market City Caffe
    164 E Palm Ave

    1. Chadaka Thai on San Fernando Road, Downtown Burbank, across from the AMC Theaters

      Bistro Provence,, in Toluca Lake

      Shamshiri, at Stockton and Central in Glendale

      Harvest Inn on Brand

      Vermont Restaurant on Vermont, in Los Feliz

      Alcove on Hillhurst, in Los Feliz

      1. La Fontana, just north of the 134 on Brand Blvd.

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