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Sep 25, 2006 04:11 AM

Restaurant in Arsenal, Watertown?

What restaurant took over the space that was occupied by Red Sauce in the Arsenal building in Watertown? Any reviews?

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  1. It's another Italian place, somewhat more upscale than Red Sauce, called Marzo 29. I've only been there for gelato -- you can get some at the counter and walk out. It was okay. I've heard that the pizza is pretty good, but that most of the menu is overpriced.

    1. I think Marzo 29 closed. No big loss... Gelato was convenient, but the menu was, indeed, quite over-priced. We need a good lunch place to come in there-- quickly!

      1. Wow, that place disappeared fast! Just went by today and saw a sign that La Casa de Pedro will be opening there at some point (same as the one on Main Street in Watertown). Not sure if they're moving or if this is a second restaurant, but I've heard Pedro is great, so this may be a nice post-theater dinner option.

        1. Casa de Pedro is lovely and a second one in the arsenal would be interesting. Porcini is just a few blocks from the arsenal (on school street) and I love their mussels and their penne bolognese. don't know if they serve lunch though.

          1. La Casa de Pedro will be moving to the Arsenal. There will only be one location.