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Sep 25, 2006 03:25 AM

Niagara OTL - hot stone and fondues

We decided to go the Niagara on the Lake just this week, and when I called a few of the places recommended on this board they were full. So we just walked around, and decided on the Moffat Inn Restaurant for something different. For dinner they serve fondue - cheese (swiss or cheddar) for appetizer, red wine, canola oil or broth for entree, and chocolate fondue for dessert. We had the cheese version for appetizer (served with bread cubes and pickles; we also added steamed veggies), but for entree we had the hot stone meal. You get a slab of granite heated to over 600 deg. Raw meat is provided and you cook on your own hot stone. I had the seafood version with tuna, tiger shrimps and scallops - all were very fresh - the 2 shrimp were huge and crunchy. My friend selected 3 other meats - fillet mignon, pork and ostrich, and he loved all of it. (I don't eat red meat, but tried a bit of ostrich, and it is too similar to beef to my taste.)

You also get 4 different dipping sauces and they were all lovely. All entrees are $29. Quite a fun and delicious meal!

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  1. You can buy those for the home...easy to use and fun.

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    1. re: bestandworst

      Where can you buy these stones/grills for home use?.. i just recently heard about them..and i'm so interested in trying something new.. :)

      1. re: reilly

        I know tefal makes something like it, here's the link

        its close, but you have a table top stone grill instead of one per person...

    2. that sounds like such a fun meal! how much did the entire meal cost? also how did the restuarant look (romantic, family, etc)?

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        For 2 persons: sharing appetizer fondue, 1 drink and 1 entree each, it was about $120 incl tax/tip. The decor is actually on the modern side, the walls are exposed brick with lamps that are funky multicolour lights going every which way with glass pieces dangling, which I love to have in my home! Light level is low so not family style.

      2. Thanx for the info... i'll check it out... it'd be nice if london, on had a restaurant that offered it too... sounds like it would just 'rock'.. :)