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Sep 25, 2006 03:07 AM

Happily visiting SF (from SoCal) on Friday. What to eat?

I'll be in SF this Friday (9/29) and I'm looking for outstanding food to eat. There will be three of us, and we'd like to sit and dine, and also maybe find a good place to feed later in the evening at around 2am.

Anyone have any suggestions? My objective is to eat the best of what SF has to offer. $ to $$$ is fine.


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  1. Hi Mike. You'll be disappointed, cause there's really no good food in the area. wink wink. We usually head to Sonoma and have only spent a little time in SF and we like to eat in hole in the wall places in ethnic neighborhoods (Italian, Chinese) but never had a bad meal. Just wanted to heads up to you that the October 15 issue of Wine Spectator has over 50 pages devoted to the best restaurants, hotels and wine bars in SF. Definitely worth having for anyone visiting the area!

    1. If you want the absolute best, Chez Paniisse in Berkeley is where it all began. Great Eastern is really good chinese food in Chinatown. You should go to and look at the restaurant reviews, and you can split it up by neighborhood. For late night (I think they are open until 2am) Cancun Burrito on Mission and 19th is perfect -- get the grilled chicken super burrito.

      1. Recent "best" topic:

        After 2am Korean or taco trucks are probably your best bet. Recent topic on late night:

        1. Great! Thank you all for your responses!

          llindac, yeah, I know what you mean. SF is a culinary wasteland. ;)

          Any particular dishes to try at Great Eastern? Any standouts? Chez Panisse looks great. I'll give them a ring and see if a reservation is even possible.

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            Great Eastern is a seafood place - so any of that is good, i'm fond of their prawn dishes. Also their noodles are home made. Stay away from the potstickers and wonton soup, good but not interesting enough given how good their other stuff is. If they can't fit you in downstairs at Chez Panisse the upstairs is great too.