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Sep 25, 2006 02:37 AM

Fishmonger near Ann Arbor?

Since Mr. Dee's exit, I've been in fish withdrawal. Anyone recco a fishmonger? I'm willing to travel, don't particularly like Monahan's, and have been relegated to the supermarket curse lately.

Hiller's is about as good as I've come up with...tia.

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  1. How about the fish guy at the Terrytown market? I've always been impressed with his offerings, always transluscent flesh, never cloudy. There is also an amazing smoker on Kingsley, just around the corner. I'm sorry that I can't thiink of the name of the place but trust me, his salmons are in a class of their own though this doesn't help you for fresh fish.

    If all else fails, hit Whole Foods. Their fish offerings are great in selection and quality.

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    1. re: luckygirl

      I'm guessing you mean Kerrytown Market, and that fish guy would be...Monahan's.

      We need to find Mr. Dee (he re-opend earlier this year in Saline under his full name (D'somethingorother) but he closed in about a month's time) and ask him what his plans are. His was truly a great store.

        1. re: Summerfield

          Actually, Dee's opening and quick demise in Saline was last year, and I was told he moved out of state. He lost his shirt in a big way on that deal.

          Nephi DeMercurio knew his fish, but was completely clueless about running a retail business.

          I don't like Whole Foods either. I've had almost as many bad experiences with them as with Monahan. There's a definite opening for a good fishmonger in AA. But I'd go to Detroit if there were a good one there.

          1. re: Chris Weber

            My years are running together. My wife actually got to shop in the new place once, then tried to go back a week later and he was gone. That busted dinner plans. He seemed to do well on Jackson. Anyway, I put out a very similar query to yours a while back and got nada. Maybe the second time's the charm.

      1. sometimes the fish is OK & not really expensive at Arbor Farms on Stadium (near the main post office)

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        1. re: Michigan Mishuganer

          I'll have to ck it out. I don't go in there much any more. Years ago, I used to be a regular at their old location.

          But it was never cheap.

        2. I usually like Monahan's, although they are awfully expensive. Hiller's Market in Arborland has pretty good fish, IME.

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          1. re: tammylc

            Hiller's is the best I know of, imo. I was in there this week and got some decent fish, grouper and farmed bay scallops. Not exceptional, but the best around.

          2. Chris,

            Just got this from a post by XMAN887 on today's midwest board:
            " for fresh fish, i go to superior fish in royal oak (11 mile) and noble fish in berkley (14 mile). you can also find pretty good fish at the high end markets: nino salvaggio's (rochester road in troy), papa joe's (birmingham and rochester), or whole foods (closest store to me is in troy).


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