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Sep 25, 2006 02:27 AM

Singapore in L.A.? ISO boiled chicken w/ white rice + pork-rib tea

Is there a great Singapore restaurant in Los Angeles?

I want hacked pieces of boiled chicken on white rice served with sides of chicken broth, chili sauce, pounded ginger puree and dark soy.

If possible, would like to try Singapore fave dish: but bak kut teh (pork-rib tea) too.

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  1. wow --pork rib tea....explain please!

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    1. re: kare_raisu

      As Anthony Bourdain* 'splains it, it's a heap of pork cooked in broth, said to have been created as food for Chinese laborers in early 20th c Malaysia.

      "white version" - pork ribs and broth flavored w/ pepper (as opposed to herbs), whole cloves of garlic.

      "local version" - herbal, darker, soy-infused

      served with tea, salted veg and fried bread, chili sauce on the side

      *Bourdain wrote a piece on Singapore cuisine in today's NYTimes magazine

    2. i havent found good hainan chicken rice yet. you might try some thai chinese places too.

      the popular place in monterey park is savoy on valley near atlantic i think. i think its aight but others seem to like it.

      havent found good bak kut teh either, malay or sing style. a friends parents told me that there was a place in that newish mall in alhambra. god i think its just west of del mar on the north side. might be the same mall with the ramen place in it. sorry its so vague.

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      1. Don't know how authentic this place is, but we've ordered from it once and the spicy noodles beef was quite yummy.

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        1. I love the Thai version, khao mun kai.
          Noodle Planet, Alhambra, has the best chicken rice I've found so far.

          If you ever make it to Singapore, head to Pow Sing for chicken rice!

          1. i enjoy the hainan chicken rice at penang in west covina:
            987 S Glendora Ave
            West Covina, CA

            (their satay, roti and braised noodles with roasted pork are pretty good there as well)

            can't help you on the bak kut teh though.