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Sep 25, 2006 02:12 AM

Best street food?

Okay all you intrepid Hounds, I know you've traveled the world in search of good chow. What is some of the best street food you've ever eaten? I might just plan my next trip based on your recommendations.

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  1. In Thailand, particularly in Bangkok, the street food was spectacular. There are places where a table is set up with maybe a dozen pots on it, and in each one is some incredible curry. Couldn't get over what you could eat for a few dollars.

    1. Taiwan! Never met a person who didn't like Taiwanese food of any kind, street or otherwise (except for one vegan who also didn't like tofu or fake meat OR food with any hint of grease in it--talk about picky. She was miserable, but even she admitted the fruit was exquisite).

      Though others have suggested Singapore.

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        A close second being Hong Kong.

        Just make sure you've gotten all your hepatitis shots in advance of partaking.

      2. My husband who has made many trips to Asia said that he had great street food everywhere. He still fondly remembers a breakfast pancake in India and some incendiary meats on skewers in Malaysia.

        I ate from street vendors many times in China. Everything tasted good, like home cooked food, and was fresh. I wasn't too sure about the cleanliness of the eating utensils but I never had any after-effects.

        1. it seems Asia takes the cake. im talking of Japan, howver. all manner of things sold on the streets there are deelish. ramen (as in all of east asia i think) is great, but the yakitori and the ODEN, dear god the oden. this is a basically a stewing hellpot of goodies that when eaten in the cold, dreary winter, has an uncanny ability to lift the spirits. the copious booze usually consumed before hand might have something to do with it but who's counting...

          1. I was in Kuala Lumpur last November....great street food, though I've heard that Bangkok and Singapore are better.

            Here's a link to my report: