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Sep 25, 2006 01:55 AM

Le Creuset rust ?

In spite of thorough drying, I am noticing slight rust spots on the untreated section of my dutch oven lid. I was wondering if this is a common problem? or if anyone has ideas on how to deal with it?

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  1. I think I have the same kind of rust spots on the lid - haven't dealt with it ...

    1. me, too. i did contact le creuset about it since they offer a lifetime guarantee, but their policy worries me because if the item is defective, they cannot guarantee the replacement will be the same.

      1. It is not defective. Presumably you would get a polite response from them, but they will not replace it because the bare metal is doing what bare metal does. Bare iron rusts.

        Personally I don't even think about it, but if it really bothers you, dry the lid over a low flame for a few minutes after you dry it by hand. There really is no way to get a rough iron surface completely dry with a cloth or even paper towel. But it doesn't really matter.

        1. Mine did that too. I tried soaking it with some CLR (the stuff that's supposed to remove calcium deposits, lime and rust). It lightened the rust stain but also etched some of the colored enamel on the other side that it dripped onto. =o

          What I do now is store the lid with a folded piece of paper towel between the dutch oven and the lid. Wish I'd done that originally, and avoided the whole problem. Fortunately, neither the rust nor the discolored enamel has effected the function which is good because I've got the old flat shallow lid you can't get now. I use it for galettes of potato because it's so much shallower and easier to get the galette out of than anything else I can find.

          1. If you want to remove the rust build up, steel wool or something similar CAREFULLY run around the rim, jamming it into with the side of a finger or something should do. I generally do that when I wash the lids, and it never really builds up enough to be even an esthetic annoyance.

            If that doesn't work, try Barkeeper's Friend. Even apart from the abrasives, oxlic acid helps remove rust, chlorine bleaches do not, so regular cleaners aren't as effective. It's kind of harsh to scrub the enamel with unless you use a very light touch, but won't hurt the bare metal.