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Sep 25, 2006 01:27 AM

bahn mi in Springfield!!!

On Dickenson, just N/W of the intersection w/Belmont, there are a few Vietnamese spots. There's a sandwich & coffee spot next to the better known Pho place on the W side of the street. The sandwich I ordered had the usual ham, pate, carrots, cukes, cilantro, fish sauce, mayo, & was perfectly balanced flavorwise, although the bread was less than transcendent, & they didn't add chili sauce (I'll ask next time); the iced coffee was sublime & went perfectly w/the sandwich. It's not Brooklyn Viet, but what a blessing! Anyone been to the Pho place?

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  1. Yes to the Pho place. There are several threads mentioning both Vinh Chau and Pho Saigon. Do a search and you'll see all the comments.

    I like both places.