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Redondo Beach, need recommendation for cousins get together

Next weekend, big family wedding in Rancho PV. Cousins are getting together Saturday night before the wedding (none of us are in the wedding).

Some cousins are local (West LA), some from out of town and staying at a Best Western on PCH in Redondo (1850 S Pacific Coast Hwy).

So we need a place for a Saturday night that can accomodate a group of about 6, all in their mid/late 30's and one 4 month old.

A decent place, not fancy, that we can just chill, eat and not be hassled for lingering and catching up. We all will have transportation, but would prefer Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach area.

Wine list/bar, not important. Prefer non-ethnic. Quality of food is important to about half of us. Decent parking would be nice. Chain is ok (but not Chili's)

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  1. I would go with Kincaids on the Redondo Pier. Big Chophouse place that can take your group easy. Nice views. Good grilled fish and chops. Try the spice rum mojito as well.

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      Thanks for that rec, I've been there before and didn't like it, very cramped and felt rushed. You seem to know the area though, any other suggestions? Lower end than Kincaids, maybe?

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        Saturday night, Redondo Beach, Quality food, 6+baby to just chill, eat and never be hassled for lingering on-and -on. I really don’t think the request is real but the reply by BeachGrub is a very good one. Kincaid's Bayhouse is really not cramped. However, You might have felt rushed for some reason. I think the idea to stay on the Redondo Pier is a good one because it provides a place to walk, talk and linger on-and -on. I second Kincaid's but the link below provides a list to places on the pier. Maybe pick a place between Kincaid's and Craig's Hot Dog On A Stick (not bad either) and chill, eat and linger.

        Redondo Pier

    2. There are some recommendations for Italian places at:
      Cucina Calabrese, Brogino's, and Mama D's. I've been to Calabrese and Mama. My impression is that Mama D's may be less conducive to a relaxed pace as it's been crowded and loud when I've gone there for lunch.

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        mama d's is definitely not the lingering type of spot. service is never rushed, but the atmosphere is frenetic.

      2. Is Aimee's still open? That place was lovely... Chez Melange is another thought for great food and I don't recall them ever hassling lingerers (I used to go in just for dessert wine just before closing). Splash has had chefs come and go - sometimes fabulous and sometimes horrendous. Any new reports?

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          Aimee's is wonderful, but IMHO, not appropriate for a baby.

        2. Try the Riviera Mexican Grill on PCH in the Riviera Village.
          Great margaritas, great Cal-Mex food, and very lively. Call for reservations with a party of 6 though.

          1. Gina Lee's Bistro. Not sure if it is technically in Redondo or Palos Verdes..it's on Palos Verded Dr. I'm not really sure what you consider "non-ethnic"--truly American food is hard to come by in a diverse city like L.A. Anyway, Gina Lee's is Asian-fusion...lots of good cooked fish dishes. Very yummy, moderate prices.

            Mama D's (mentioned above) won't work--you will definitely feel rushed.

            1. BF and I went to Restaurant Christine on Hawthorne and had a great meal. The whole staff was friendly and helpful. Highly recommend. A little bit south of your desired area but not far at all. http://restaurantchristine.com/

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                Agree, Christine is my favorite Southbay restaurant. I didn;t suggest originally because it's a little further and I thought perhaps a little pricier than the poster wanted. But you can check out the menu at restaurantchristine.com and judge for yourself if it's in your price range.

              2. Restaurant Christine is great - friendly service and very good food. I think they would also be very happy to accomidate you at Zazou. Another reccomendation would be the Green Temple. It is vegetarian, but has options that seem to please a lot of meat eaters. The atmosphere is very cool at night. There are a lot of wood carvings and tapestries and paintings. You would have to bring your own wine. This could provide a little extra fun because you could go by Friends of the Vine, a wine tasting bar and shop, on the way and walk over from there. It's kind of a nice area to stroll around with a baby, and both places are very friendly to the little ones. You would definately not be rushed, and it would fit the budget.

                1. The best place for you is without a doubt is, Chez Melange, 1716 Pacific coast Hiway in the Palos Verdes Inn. 310-540-1222, nice ambiance, very ecclectic menu, Sushi bar, Great wine list, and relaxed atmosphere you require. Trust me, this is the one.

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                    chez melange is an aweful restaurant... old ideas, old recipes, and old decor. Only stays open due to the abundance of retirees in the south bay that still eat there (because they remember when it was actually a good restaurant)

                    believe the common internet consensus... it really is like an upscale dennys

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                      Don't care for Cheese Melange my self. But, do have a good time!

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                      We've had many family brunches there with toddlers and kids over the years, and it's been fine.

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                        the op said s/he wanted 'non ethnic.'
                        unless you're talking about an upscale chop house or seafood restaurant, 'non-ethnic' MEANS an upscale denny's.

                        sadly, when the 'comfort food' craze started many years ago, SEVERAL good restaurants changed their menus and became nothing more than upscale denny's.

                      2. I know people will disagree, but Cheesecake Factory at the water, nice view, won't hassle.
                        Right in Redondo Beach.

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                          Blue Water Grill is also a good choice. Very close to Cheesecake Factory, overlooking the boats at King Harbor. It is a seafood restaurant. I think it's the old Charley Brown's location.

                        2. Hi Muhlyssa! You might be interested in my review of Chef Melba's: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/438563
                          However, if you want a place more on the quiet-side, I would suggest HT Grill in Redondo Beach (the patio w/firepit area if very cool, food is not always consistent); or Chaba in Redondo Beach (high end Thai fusion); Lido in Manhattan Beach; Il Fornio in Manhattan Beach; or I'm in agreement with Paprkutr that Cheesecake Factory is always a safe bet; or L.A. Food Show in Manhattan Beach (they will let you sit there all day, all night if you wanted to!); or for sushi go to Momoyama in Redondo on PCH; or the new Marmalade Cafe in El Segundo (the original one is in Palos Verdes); or Salt Creek Grill (in the same complex as Marmalade,... kind of pricey) in El Segundo. Unfortunately, most of the closer-to-the-water/beach restaurants are either too noisy, too crowded, too anxious to turn tables, and/or not condusive to very young children as in the case of your 4 month old. Hope this helps!

                          1. HOF'S HUT! Ummm, Yummmmm

                            1. HT Grill - good but not great. Parkin on street and city lot a block away.

                              Tony's on the Pier - Old school, great view, salty mature waitstaff, very reasonable. I like it over Kincaids. Paid parking in city lot.

                              Chez Melange is well prepared food. The menu hasn't changed in years. Use to be cutting edge 20 years ago when Michael first opened, now it's just cliche. The food is tasty and the deserts are usually pretty good. Free Parking.

                              1. Since you have local cousins driving from West LA (and just getting to PV from the 405 exit takes over 30 minutes), you may want to cut them a break and find a place to eat that's reasonably freeway close. Quite a few of the places that others have mentioned do take a while to get to from the 405.

                                Anything on Rosecrans to the west of the 405 and on PCH around Manhattan Beach Mall would work and it's a reasonable drive for your other cousins coming up from Redondo.

                                On Rosecrans:
                                Fleming's Steakhouse
                                Il Fornaio
                                McCormick & Schmick's (food is okay, not spectacular)
                                Houston's (no reservations, long wait on a Saturday night)
                                Lido (Italian, takes reservations & is reasonably quiet)

                                At/near Manhattan Beach Mall
                                LA Food Show (probably your best bet for decent not fancy & non-ethnic)
                                CPK (no reservations, kind of loud, long wait)
                                Reed's (small place, good food)

                                I've been to all of these places with reasonably large parties (anywhere from 8-12), and with the exception of Houston's, having a party of 6 + baby is not a problem, but I'd definitely make a reservation if I were you. Just about all of these places have websites, so you can google them to get more info about their menus

                                1. My family has enjoyed several very good meals at Delzano's on the boardwalk along the yacht harbor north of the pier. It is quieter and more reasonably priced than Kincaid’s.

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                                    Yeah, good but......cheeeeseburger and onion rings at Hof's Hut, oh boy! Yummm!

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                                        Rock N' Fish is a good place. It can get crowded but the food is pretty good.

                                        1. re: kealoha

                                          No. At least the one in Torrance is still around.

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                                            No they did not. Still kickin' out the good food.

                                      2. I used to work in Torrance so I ate at a lot of the places mentioned.

                                        If I were getting together with family in this kind of situation, I would opt for Kincaids -- the setting is lovely for drinks and the food is fresh seafood -- not an earth shaking culinary experience - but it's a good place for a gathering -- The chairs are comfortable -- you can request a window table -- the drinks are good. I went there for several work reunions and we were never rushed.

                                        It's also pleasant to stroll on the pier after dinner.

                                        Christine's has interesting cuisine but I don't think the atmosphere is as comfortable as Kinkaids for a reunion party type of situation.I always enjoyed the food at Chez Melange. Is Depot still open?

                                        Sometimes a gathering is less about the food and more about providing a comfortable experience where people can kick back and get to know each other again. And the fish is more than edible even if it is not of the haute quality of Water Grill.

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                                          Ditto on Depot! They have great food!

                                          Yes, they are still open. Reservations are highly recommended!

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                                            since almost everyone has already covered what i would have said as well, how about something simple like cheesecake factory? i dont get why everybody likes kincaids so much, the food is so-so service is up and down. the view is real good though, but its hard to get those good tables especially when they are real busy

                                        2. I really like Coccole Laboratorio del Gusto on Catalina. Very authentic Italian (Tuscan). Great wine list and service.

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                                              i just noticed they have closed as of february 2008.

                                          1. A very relaxed and unassuming place that is quiet, comfy, and has a large selection of comfort food: Hank's at the corner of Hawthorne Bl and Rosecrans. It's BOTH Italian and Persian. You said non-ethnic, but this place has everything from pizza through red-sauce Italian to some northern Italian, at quality levels far above the same items on "American" menus. And Persian is very familiar to backyard barbecuers--broiled chicken, beef, or lamb on skewers with rice. They do a good job with that too. Big free parking lot (adjacent to Ralphs Market.) A genuine Chowhound sleeper restaurant!

                                            1. We enjoy going to Steve's Burger near Redondo Beach!

                                              1. Go for the Chez, the food is great, and has something for everyone, from the most gourmet to their great meatloaf. Very close to P.V.Chez Melange 1716 Pacific Coast Hiway it is a very nice restaurant, but not fancy fancy, you will love it. I hope the 4 month old is a sleeper. 310-540-1222. reservations recommended.

                                                1. Yes, Tony's on the Pier sounds like an excellant idea as does The Original Pancake House!

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                                                    How about Buca Di Beppo in Redondo. Family style Italian food, make a reservation for a fun evening.

                                                    Buca Di Beppo
                                                    1670 S Pacific Coast Hwy, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

                                                    1. re: JEN10

                                                      Even though this thread is almost two years old, our experience with Buca Di Beppo was the worst ever in Redondo Beach. We were graciously seated down for our birthday party with no problem after a short wait. We then had to wait to get our order in and virtually sat there for closed to 45 minutes before some of the food arrived. It came very slowly but the main course never showed up even though people who arrived after us ate and left. We asked about it and they told us it's coming. ( I think they may have given it to someone else and had to recook it?). We asked for the manager twice and he finally showed up. After waiting for almost and hour, we said to forget the dish and just give us the bill since we wanted to leave by that time. All we ever got was the salad and bread and we were almost full from that. The manager said that the dish was almost finished and that it would be on the house if we wanted. We told him that our birthcay dinner was ruined and all we wanted was the check and leave. He told us that they would wrap the dish up and that it would be no charge for it. All I can say is NEVER AGAIN!

                                                        1. re: Clinton

                                                          Yes, thank you for letting us all know. So sorry about the Birthday celebration.

                                                    2. For a relaxed, non-rushed paced, I say Cafe Misto (in Rolling Hills Hillside Village)or if you like seafood (with bare hands and all), Captain Kidd's on the same row as Cheesecake Factory near the Pier..There's also a Ruby's Diner there. Cafe Misto used to be part of Chez Melange group. From what I recall, Saturday night may be tough at Chez, worse at Mama D's, Cheesecake Factory and loud in Chaba(but that's Thai ethnic).

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                                                        One of Tony's on the Pier locations was just sold after the passing of founder Tony. I believe Old Tonys is still family run.

                                                      2. Tony's on the Pier has always been an excellent location. However, with the passing of founder, Tony, I believe one of the two restaurants has been sold. Pretty sure that "Old Tony's" is still owned and run by the family.

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                                                            And, there is always that stand by, Black Angus.

                                                        1. There is a Italian restaurant called Paradiso Ristorante down on 1611 S. Catalina Ave. (very close to where you live). It looks like a bar from outside, but got a elegant dining area inside. They got homemade pastas, (the bacon one is my favorate) & excellent fresh battered calamari rings with three different dipping sauce... yummy. Quality with reasonable price.

                                                          Ask for the small room within the dining area with the double glass French door. That is where we go if we want quality food & not to worry about my kids (3 & 6) bothering others.

                                                          Walking distance just down on the other end of the Catalina ave, there is a local coffee house "coffee cartel." They got lots of comfortable sofas & couches inside. A outdoor non-smoking upper patio & a smoking lower patio. Very relaxing & is a great place to social. They got a huge selection of beverages & open till mid-night on saturday.


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                                                            I believe they have gone out of business. Chez Mellange is building out the spot. This post by the way is 2 years old.

                                                          2. Check out Catalina Restaurant, near Torrance Blvd on Catalina. Reuben, the owner, is charming and gracious. The food is terrific. Nice decor, he'll let you linger, and I doubt kids/baby would be an issue.

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                                                              Sounds like a good recommendation, SURGERYGIRL!

                                                            2. I know this is a really old post, so don't hate me. But has anyone tried Hudson House yet??

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                                                                I'll meet you there for lunch, I have heard good things.

                                                                1. re: JEN10

                                                                  Great, I'd love to JEN10. Honestly, the chef is a client of my hairdresser, and also the co-owner of Beechwood, and tho I've never been to the first place since they are dinner only, I am not in that area after 5 pm.

                                                                  But would gladly buzz down to RB if I had a friend to share lunch with!! ;)) Email me offline if you are serious!

                                                              2. I think Five Guys Burgers would be an excellant choice. And have a great time at the big family wedding 5 years ago!

                                                                Five Guys Burgers
                                                                20700 Avalon Blvd, Carson, CA 90746