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Sep 25, 2006 01:17 AM

Redondo Beach, need recommendation for cousins get together

Next weekend, big family wedding in Rancho PV. Cousins are getting together Saturday night before the wedding (none of us are in the wedding).

Some cousins are local (West LA), some from out of town and staying at a Best Western on PCH in Redondo (1850 S Pacific Coast Hwy).

So we need a place for a Saturday night that can accomodate a group of about 6, all in their mid/late 30's and one 4 month old.

A decent place, not fancy, that we can just chill, eat and not be hassled for lingering and catching up. We all will have transportation, but would prefer Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach area.

Wine list/bar, not important. Prefer non-ethnic. Quality of food is important to about half of us. Decent parking would be nice. Chain is ok (but not Chili's)

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  1. I would go with Kincaids on the Redondo Pier. Big Chophouse place that can take your group easy. Nice views. Good grilled fish and chops. Try the spice rum mojito as well.

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    1. re: BeachGrub

      Thanks for that rec, I've been there before and didn't like it, very cramped and felt rushed. You seem to know the area though, any other suggestions? Lower end than Kincaids, maybe?

      1. re: Muhlyssa

        Saturday night, Redondo Beach, Quality food, 6+baby to just chill, eat and never be hassled for lingering on-and -on. I really don’t think the request is real but the reply by BeachGrub is a very good one. Kincaid's Bayhouse is really not cramped. However, You might have felt rushed for some reason. I think the idea to stay on the Redondo Pier is a good one because it provides a place to walk, talk and linger on-and -on. I second Kincaid's but the link below provides a list to places on the pier. Maybe pick a place between Kincaid's and Craig's Hot Dog On A Stick (not bad either) and chill, eat and linger.

        Redondo Pier

    2. There are some recommendations for Italian places at:
      Cucina Calabrese, Brogino's, and Mama D's. I've been to Calabrese and Mama. My impression is that Mama D's may be less conducive to a relaxed pace as it's been crowded and loud when I've gone there for lunch.

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        mama d's is definitely not the lingering type of spot. service is never rushed, but the atmosphere is frenetic.

      2. Is Aimee's still open? That place was lovely... Chez Melange is another thought for great food and I don't recall them ever hassling lingerers (I used to go in just for dessert wine just before closing). Splash has had chefs come and go - sometimes fabulous and sometimes horrendous. Any new reports?

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        1. re: Carrie 218

          Aimee's is wonderful, but IMHO, not appropriate for a baby.

        2. Try the Riviera Mexican Grill on PCH in the Riviera Village.
          Great margaritas, great Cal-Mex food, and very lively. Call for reservations with a party of 6 though.

          1. Gina Lee's Bistro. Not sure if it is technically in Redondo or Palos's on Palos Verded Dr. I'm not really sure what you consider "non-ethnic"--truly American food is hard to come by in a diverse city like L.A. Anyway, Gina Lee's is Asian-fusion...lots of good cooked fish dishes. Very yummy, moderate prices.

            Mama D's (mentioned above) won't work--you will definitely feel rushed.