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Sep 25, 2006 01:10 AM

Best Westside Pad Thai?

I know the best Thai food is in Thai Town, but where can I find a great pad thai when I don't want to go that far?

"Best" for me means plenty of both spiciness and sweetness, a nice kick of fish sauce, and at least a wedge of lime on the side (if not two).

I liked the pad thai at Tuk Tuk Thai and would happily eat it again, but it was just a bit heavy on the sauce and they refused to make any of our food more than mildly spicy even though we kept repeating "Yes, very spicy. As spicy as a Thai person would eat it."

The pad thai at Siam Chan scares the bejeezus out of me. Why is it pink?! So no, nothing that's as saccarine sweet as Siam Chan's version.

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  1. I haven't found any WOW thai on the Westside, but the Ayara in Westchester is pretty darn tasty (I was really impressed by their larb!) and a very nice spot for 'going out'.


    1. "Great" pad thai probably doesn't exist on the westside. We still like Thai House better than Tuk Tuk (by a little bit) but their pad thai is not all that great either. Noodle Planet, for all its faults, probably does it better--far from excellent but acceptable enough if you're near Westwood.

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        Darn, I should have gone the extra few blocks to Noodle Planet.

        Ended up at Thai Fresh. 1771 Westwood, next to the Ross. Very mediocre pad thai. It was passable after I added my own lime juice, hot sauce, and fish sauce. Dry, a little gummy, with vegetables that had been sitting out just a little too long.

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          Noodle Planet -- don't forget the banh mi as an appetizer from next door!

        2. I like Siam Chan for quick cheap Thai and for delivery, and I like Thai House for a casual but more quiet and classy meal. But the pad thai is perhaps the worst dish on either menu.

          I like the mee krob and the curries at both places.