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Sep 25, 2006 01:00 AM

Notable Mooncakes at Yi Soon

Don't deny this place is a favorite of mine.

Last two weeks they have had some of the best and unusual mooncakes I have ever had. Fillings included: a delicate frangrant pine nut jasmine, orange peel, a yummy dense tarry-sweet date, and others.

These are really notable. Unlike any other mooncakes I have had.

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  1. Thanks StriperGuy! Where is Yi Soon?

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    1. re: fullbelly

      Google is amazing:

      Yi Soon Bakery
      112 Brighton Ave
      Allston, MA 02134
      (617) 254-3099

    2. It's funny to see this post today, StriperGuy, because I'd been meaning to try Yi Soon since you last mentioned it. I finally got there last week and got several items, including a mooncake. I liked the moistness and flavor of the cake part, but wasn't as keen on the filling. It doesn't sound like one of the types you mentioned - the sign didn't specify what it was - size of a large cherry but with a dense beany/root vegetable-y texture. It occurs to me that the flavors you mentioned might be mixed in/layered with the cake part and that the "pit" might have been less enjoyable because it's a fruit? vegetable? that's unfamilliar to me. All the same, I wish the signs indicated that there are several flavors and what they are.

      My favorite item was the coconut tart, which had the taste and texture of a giant macaroon. The egg custard tart, tantalizingly warm from the oven, had a thicker, tougher shell than the ones I've tried in Chinatown (May's, the renamed Mix). It was still tasty, just not as delicate. Their prices seem higher than in Chinatown, but it's great to be able to find these baked goods further west. I want to go back and try more of their things.

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      1. re: peelmeagrape

        I was there two weeks ago and the moon cakes were only labelled in Chinese. Yesterday there were english labels for the 8 or so varieties.

        Things really worth trying:

        - Various mooncakes
        - Sweet potato bun
        - Cream cheese (actually cottage cheese) bun
        - Sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf
        - Various loaves of bread with raisin, taro, butter inside
        - Football shaped butter bun

      2. This year their special mooncake is filled with nuts and dried fruit, and is a really exciting different mooncake filling. Their green tea and lotus paste are terrific as always.

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            So glad this thread was bumped, because I'd forgotten how good the Yi Soon mooncakes are. I'll have to make a trip down there to stock up! The special this year sound excellent.

            I'm a really big fan of the taro cake at Yi Soon. Nothing brightens my day like big purple baked goods!

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              Thanks for the heads-up on the special flavor - I usually stick with the mini ones, and they're not doing the fruit-and-nut ones as a mini, so I would have passed it by. However, based on your recommendation, I splurged - wow! The nut pastes give the filling an almost marzipan-like quality. Super delicious.

            2. Marketplace had an amusing story on moon cakes today. It's worth hearing, not just reading.



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                I think I'd really like to try the Haagen Daaz and Starbucks mooncakes. :) I liked mooncakes alot when I was younger. Not so much as I grew older, but these sound worth trying!