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Sep 25, 2006 12:49 AM

Dive restaurants??

I was thinking of taking my parents for dinner to Fish and Arturo's. Then I read somewhere they were dives. My parents like new adventures, but I don't want them to feel uncomfortable. What's your thoughts?

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  1. You can go to a lot of adventurous restaurants without going to dives. Why don't you go to a cool ethnic restaurant in the east village? How about cafe mogodor for amazing cous cous? or caracas arepa bar? or dim sum in chinatown that's not on canal?

    1. In my opinion, there is no way Arturo's is a dive.

      Classic NY, probably. But a dive, definitely not.

      1. i haven't been to fish in several years, but i used to go every now and then and definitely wouldn't call it a dive. there were some complaints on this board about the service, though i never had a problem.